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Richard Rider

The new “Jarvis” CA legislator report card is out. No improvement.

The annual Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association [California State] Legislative Report Card report is out.  The ratings are based on tax votes, with an emphasis regarding attacks on Prop 13.

As one would expect, since most of our legislators are Democrats, the majority of our legislators rate an “F” ranking on taxes.  The table of information can be sorted interactively in each category (I’m easily entertained).


1.  When people opine that there’s no difference between the two parties regarding tax and spend issues, they should really be referring to Congress — not the state legislatures (at least the two state legislatures of California).  When it comes to tax issues, the difference between the two parties in the Golden State could not be more dramatic. With a handful of exceptions, GOP representatives are doing a very good to great job holding the line on taxes and spending.  From the taxpayers’ standpoint, even the worst Republican ranks better on tax issues than the best Democrat.

2.  In San Diego County, there’s little middle ground.  Our three Democrat Assembly critters rate a solid “F”, while our 5 Republican Assemblypersons each earned a solid “A.”  Brian Jones is one of 6 Assemblymen (out of 80) to earn a perfect “100%” score. But even somewhat squishy GOP reps Rocky Chavez and Brian Maienschein earned solid “A” ratings.  I must say that Maienschein has been a much more fiscally prudent state legislator than he was a San Diego city councilman.

3.  Newcomer (ex-labor boss) Democrat Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez “wins” the local legislator race for the biggest San Diego region spendthrift.  Yet, try as she might, she is bested by six even bigger spendthrifts in the CA Assembly — though it’s a close race for that dubious honor.

But, to be fair, Lorena’s focus is on driving businesses out of the state (or out of business).  She’s focused on her endless “protections” of and benefits for workers that eventually will put too many of them OUT of work.

4.  In the State Senate, the overall differences between the two parties on taxes are the same, though in San Diego County, it’s not quite as dramatic.  Our two Democrat Senators (Hueso and Block) rate “only” a “D” grade, while Republican Senator Anderson earned an “A-“.