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Ray Haynes

Donald Trump = Arnold Schwarzenegger

I like what Donald Trump is saying. He has been blunt, “politically incorrect” and talking about issues that affect people’s lives. He has not been dissuaded by attacks coming from the left or the media. He speaks his mind, and that’s a good thing.

I make these comments with the disclosure that I have endorsed Ted Cruz for President. In fact, had I not been involved as a conservative endorsing Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor, I probably would have come out for Donald Trump. He has had the guts to say what needs to be said, just as Schwarzenegger said what needed to be said in the recall. Truth is, conservatives started the recall, and we had to win it. We really had no choice but to help Schwarzenegger become Governor. To justify our support, Schwarzenegger said all the right things, and sounded like a conservative when he was in the election mode. The moment he became Governor, however, he started thinking he “had to be effective.” He had to do things, he thought, to “make things happen.” Right off the bat, he sold us out, by proposing a “budget soluti0n.” that didn’t cut spending (as he promised to do), but rather capitulated to the Democrats agenda because he figured out they “had the majority,” and he had to work with them to “accomplish something.”

Schwarzenegger was an extremely smart man. He had accomplished great things in business and entertainment. He thought government operated the same as business, so he started acting like the CEO of a large company. The problem is that business and government are not the same. Once a successful businessman becomes Governor, he starts thinking that everything should be evaluated like government is a business enterprise. The fact is government is not business. Government is driven by “principle” not profit. Success is government is achieved by promoting principle, not by “efficient” and “effective” governance. In fact, there are things that Government ought not do well, like raise children. Parents should raise children without government interference. Communities, churches, families, and businesses should do what they do best without government interference, and good leadership recognizes the limits of government. Schwarzenegger never figured that out, and as a result, did more to hurt the Republican brand in California than any other individual.

Trump, I believe, suffers from the same problem. I truly believe that he believes what he is saying now, but the moment he hits the Democrats’ wall when he becomes President, he will capitulate and negotiate. He will sell out what he is saying now in the belief that he is duty bound to “accomplish something.” The fact is, a politician often advances principle through short term failure and long term success. Reagan understood that, he defeated communism by standing against it over the long term. Small government, less intrusive government, freedom, and liberty are not achieved by negotiating with the proponents of big government. Those values are achieved by fighting and defeating the proponents of big government.

Business is win/win. There is no business deal unless both sides thinks they are better off with a deal than without a deal. Politics is win/lose. Nobody has to push a political solution to a problem unless somebody loses (otherwise, if it was win/win, it would be accomplished through a business deal). Trump understands the “Art of the Deal.” That, however, is anathema to politics. If he is elected, he will posture, postulate, pontificate, and press a political deal, until he knows he going to lose, then, like Schwarzenegger, he will capitulate, just like Schwarzenegger. He thinks politics is like business, that is a “deal” is better than a loss. That will be his undoing as President.

That said, I love the breath of fresh air he has brought to the debate, just like I loved the Schwarzenegger election lines. Schwarzenegger, however, became Governor, and sold out to the left. I believe Trump will as well. Had I not had the experience I had with Schwarzenegger, I would be a Trump guy. However, I am a Cruz guy. Cruz, who has fought the true fight, over and over again, suffered the indignities of condemnation, and stayed steadfast in his principles, gets it. He earned my support by fighting the fight, walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

I get why my conservative friends like Trump, he is saying what we all think everyone should be saying. The problem is I think he will sell us out the first time he faces real political opposition. Others like Trump (i.e., Schwarzenegger) have done so. I think Trump will do the same.