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Senator Jim Nielsen

Sacramento Liberals are proposing a deceptive scheme for higher local taxes and increased state spending

Senator Jim Nielsen

Rather than support a statewide school bond to build new and update older school facilities, many Sacramento liberals want to shift the entire cost of funding classroom repairs and new school construction onto the backs of local school districts – forcing them to raise taxes or cut programs. By off-loading the state’s responsibility to the locals, liberals want to free up state resources to grow pensions and create new government programs rather than support school facilities.

For nearly two decades and with the support of many Republicans, California has provided matching school funds to local communities for classroom repairs or new school construction through the approval of statewide school bonds. This approach has been equitable, protected local taxpayers, created jobs, and helped keep massive new state spending in check.

But now with California’s state school bond fund is depleted, there is an effort by Sacramento liberals to shift the funding of school facilities to taxpayers in the form of higher local property taxes – hitting seniors and young families especially hard.

Don’t be fooled by this scheme!

There is a better way to fund school facilities than raising local property taxes.

Californians for Quality Schools qualified a statewide school facilities bond for the November 2016 ballot. It authorizes a statewide school bond for new construction and updating facilities more than 25 years old for Kindergarten through 12th grade public schools, charter schools, vocational education schools, and community colleges – honoring our commitment to veterans by ensuring they can get the help they need for a college degree and a new career.

The Kindergarten Through Community College Public Education Facilities Bond Act is a proven and fiscally responsible state school bond that will maintain stable funding for school facilities and protect local taxpayers.

It deserves your support.