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Richard Rider

CA ranked the worst state for revealing spending data

California gains another “superlative.”  We are ranked the worst state for “online access to government spending data.”  We make less spending data available than any other state.

Two things to note about this latest CA “award.”

1.  The study was done by U.S. PIRG, a decidedly left wing outfit that would LOVE to present the Golden State in a positive light.  Even they could not save California from itself.

2.  Three states earned an “F” score in the ratings.  But CA won that match-up — it wasn’t close.  Looking at the numerical scores, the 49th state (Alaska) is still 26.5% better than California.



Figure ES-1: How the 50 States Rate in Providing Online Access to Government Spending Data

Over the past year, several states have launched new websites or made substantive upgrades to their existing websites [NOTE: CA is NOT one of them].