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Barry Jantz

Sunday San Diego: A host of post-election news

Some worthwhile reading from the last few days…

Measure A lost. Here’s what SANDAG opponents want us to do now.

by Barrett Tetlow in the SDUT

“In the aftermath of Measure A’s defeat, SANDAG elites are asking the question “What happened?” The answer is they were completely tone-deaf. They have an opportunity to learn the right lessons from this election — or they will be doomed to repeat this current failure.”

Read it all here.


What An Election: The Polling Earthquake, Big Wins in SD & More

San Diego voter turnout was high and many are asking about the future of polling.

Competitive Edge Research & Communications provides a trove of insights from the election.

Read the newsletter.


Speaking of Competitive Edge…

The company is up and moving it’s phone operation to a more business-friendly environment.

SDUT: Citing minimum wage hike, firm moving San Diego jobs to Texas


SDUT: San Diego County vote count slowing as more tedious phase begins

“After two weeks of tabulating ballots, the Registrar of Voters Office expects the rate it counts votes to slow as it begins a more tedious and labor-intensive phase of the counting process.”

Here’s the Joshua Stewart article in the SDUT


Voice of San Diego’s Sac Report: Brian Jones, Out

“Republican state Assemblyman Brian Jones hasn’t been afraid to vent his frustration during his six years in Sacramento.

“The termed-out Santee assemblyman’s even expressed them on video in a series he dubbed, ‘Are You Kidding Me?’ (We’re not.)

“But in the latest Sacramento Report, Jones talked to Sara Libby about bipartisan efforts at the state capitol and how he took steps to avoid offending Assembly colleagues despite that video series. Jones plans to seek a Senate seat in 2018.”

Libby does “An Exit Interview With Assemblyman Brian Jones”

Jones writes for San Diego Rostra, BTW, often posting his videos there.


Gaspar first challenger to defeat an incumbent San Diego County Supervisor since 1984

On November 18, I crunched some numbers on the trends developing in the ballot counts for the District 3 race, predicting Kristin Gaspar would catch up to and ultimately defeat Dave Roberts. Although it remained touch and go as provisionals were counted, she came on strong in the tallying the last few days and will indeed take the seat…

Rostra: The fork is rusting


Trump Digital Director Brad Parscale Explains Data That Led To Victory

A local activist says, “This guy is a Karl Rove and Ed Rollins all rolled into one person. He was 95% certain they were going to win. They targeted their shot. Trump only paid $5.00 per vote. So  much for the vaunted Hillary Clinton ground game. Technology will be the key going forward in future races.”

Read it or watch the video on RealClearPolitics


Congressman Dana Rohrabacher says he’s being considered for Sec’y of State

The OC Rep. sent an email with the news…

“I have been told that I am under consideration to join President Trump’s team as Secretary of State. While my present intention, of course, is to continue to fight for liberty and freedom as a member of the House of Representatives, as a strong supporter of President-Elect Trump’s vision for America, it would be a privilege and an honor to serve as his Secretary of State.”

Rohrabacher goes on to ask supporters to complete a Breitbart survey on the the question.