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Richard Rider

California has “only” the 2nd highest state gasoline prices — but not for long

Here’s the latest “point in time” state-by-state comparison of gasoline prices.  No surprise, but CA is #2, almost tied with #1 Hawaii.  Hawaii gas is only 3 cents a gallon more expensive than CA “gold.”

Because so much is imported into Hawaii, EVERYTHING is more expensive there. Even so, the Golden State is seeking to exceed Hawaii’s high gas prices.

And will.  With the passage of the huge new CA gas tax (not to mention auto registration fees), we’ll vault past Hawaii in 2018, if not before.

NOTE:  The graphic includes only the best and worst 5 states.  But the source they use for the comparison has all 50 states listed.  Here’s that URL.  Moreover, the prices at this source ( are constantly updated:

The graphic below includes a breakdown of the major component factors in the price of gasoline. What I WISH they included would be Evil Oil’s profit per gallon.

Many people “figure” that oil companies make a $1.00 to $1.50 profit per gallon.  They figure wrong. That profit figure varies, of course, but it’s generally 9 to 20 cents a gallon — far less than the gas taxes.

I should mention that Statista is a valuable source for data of all kinds.  I get their free daily email – you may want to do the same.



Best and Worst U.S. States to Fill Up

May 17, 2017

Prices for gasoline are volatile because of the ever shifting price for crude, which still makes up the biggest share of the gas price (45 percent, 2016 average). However, prices also vary across the United States. Often, greater costs are justified by greater expenses for transportation and distribution, also gas taxes can vary by state.

As our infographic shows, for the time being, Hawaii tops the list of the high-cost states, as it generally has a high cost of living, high gas taxes and high transportation costs. It’s cheapest to fill your tank in South Carolina, according to GasBuddy.

This chart shows lowest and highest regular gasoline prices by U.S. state (in dollar) in May 2017 and the composition of the gas price (2016 average)

Infographic: Best & Worst U.S. States to Fill Up | Statista