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Ray Haynes

The Party of Racism, Hatred and Bigotry

The historical figure that led to the fights in Charlottesville, VA General Robert E. Lee, was a Democrat. His statue was built by Democrats. Now Democrat office holders in Charlottesville want to tear down his statue because he was a racist.

Andrew Jackson, the father of the Democrat party and for whom many Democrat party fundraising functions are named, owned over 300 slaves at Hermitage, and ordered them to be whipped to maintain control of them. To compound his racial sins, he ordered the forcible removal of Native Americans from Georgia to Oklahoma. To this day, the Cherokee mourn the dead in the Trail of Tears.

John C. Calhoun, a Democrat, led the fight in the US Senate for more than 30 years in the mid 19th Century to protect the institution of slavery. However, the racism, hatred and bigotry of the Democrat party did not end with the civil war.

Following the Civil War, Republicans ran the country for over 60 years, but in 1884, Democrat Grover Cleveland won the presidency with the promise to end reconstruction in the South. Reconstruction was an effort by Republicans to eliminate the vestiges of slavery in the South, and so angered Southern whites that, following those Republican efforts, Southerners registered as Democrats, and Democrats controlled Southern Legislatures and Southern Congressional and Senate seats for over 100 years. During that time, as soon as these Southern Democrats were able to obtain control of the Legislatures of the Southern States, the now infamous Jim Crow laws, which mandated government enforced discrimination and racism throughout the South, were enacted. These laws were passed by Democrat controlled Legislatures and signed by Democrat Governors.

But the racism, hatred, and bigotry of the Democrat party did not end with the enactment of Jim Crow in the 19th century.

The lynchings and the racial division in the South was defended by the then Democrat controlled legislatures. The statues that Democrat politicians want to tear down today were all built by Democrat politicians in the 20th century.

Democrats fought Republicans in the 20th century on the issue of civil rights. Republicans called for anti-lynching laws. Franklin Roosevelt opposed them, saying he couldn’t afford to lose the support of the racists in the South. While Republicans fought for civil rights in the 1950s and 60s, their efforts were opposed by the likes of William Fulbright, Democrat, Albert Gore, Sr., Democrat, KKK leader, Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat, and countless other Democrats in the Senate, who led filibuster after filibuster right up until 1964. The only reason the Civil Rights act of 1964 passed was because almost every Republican supported the bill. Finally, after 25 years of opposition from the party of racism, hatred, and bigotry, enough Democrats joined Republicans to finally get the legislation on the books. George Wallace, Lester Maddox, Bull Connors, and countless other infamous political defenders of the institutionalized racism, hatred and bigotry of Jim Crow, were ALL Democrats.

These are facts, verifiable by reference to history. It is not rhetoric, it is not an attempt to cast aspersions upon Democrats, it is just historical fact. The Democrat party gained its popularity in the 19th century in its defense of the institution of slavery. It kept control of the Legislative bodies in the South in the 20th Century through racism, hatred and bigotry, and by its systematic approach to exclude African American citizens from voting. It resisted, at every turn, every effort at restoring equality of opportunity. In the 21st Century, it has attempted to maintain political control of the institutions of government by its rhetoric of hate spewed at Republicans.

If this was the history of the Republican Party, the press and the Democrats would waste thousands of pages of ink and millions of electronic emissions to point this out. The calls for destruction of the Republican Party would not be quieted. Democrats would call the very structure of the Republican Party racist, founded and sustained by racists, and the press would join in. Oh wait, that’s what they are doing anyway, completely hiding and misrepresenting history.

You want to tear something down? You want to reject the history of hatred, bigotry and discrimination that infected this country so long? Reject the liberals and reject the Democrat Party. Their party of today continues to justify an education system that accepts substandard inner city schools, because they choose to support a union agenda that cares more about lining the pockets of the union leaders than it does about teaching children and achieving academic excellence. They continue to support institutionalized discrimination by supporting so-called “affirmative action” laws. They support government, instead of freedom. They continue to refuse to condemn those who engage in violence and hate language in political discourse, as long as that hate language is directed at Republicans. The Party of racism, hatred, and bigotry? Thy name is Democrat