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Ray Haynes


A man enters a hotel room in Las Vegas, loaded to the gills with guns. He installs surveillance equipment so he can see if cops or security guards are coming to find him. He loads the guns, and looks out his window at a crowd gathering below. He quietly loads his guns, and stares at the people below. He raises the gun to his shoulder, breaks his window, and then starts methodically killing the people below, shooting them at random with no thought as to who they are, and who is hurting with his behavior. His actions are cold, calculating, evil, and destructive. He is a murderer.

If this happened in California, what would our Democrat colleagues in the Legislature do? Reduce his sentence. His anti-social behavior is not his fault. We let him buy the guns, it’s our fault. If he couldn’t buy the guns, he couldn’t or wouldn’t kill people. So don’t punish him more, take away everyone’s guns. Are they crazy??

How do I know that’s what the Dems would do?? Look at what they did. About a week ago, Governor Brown signed SB 620 (Bradford), it was chaptered on October 11, 2017. SB 620, according to its analysis, “Allows a court, in the interest of justice, to strike or dismiss a firearm enhancement which otherwise adds a state prison term of three, four, or 10 years, or five, six, or 10 years, depending on the firearm.” Instead of an automatic enhancement, use of a firearm now is a “throw away” at a plea bargain. The state of California no longer cares how you use the gun, it only cares if you own a gun.

Quite frankly, I don’t care if you own a gun, or any other weapon, I only care if you want to use that gun or weapon to hurt me, my family, or my neighbors, or to take our stuff. The left in Sacramento think the gun is the problem, I happen to think the problem is the nut behind the trigger.

Let’s take the Nevada example. If the guy shooting from his hotel room is shot by a citizen with a gun, a citizen who could have saved the life of hundreds of innocent people, that citizen is as much a criminal as the guy killing the innocent people, because they both used a gun. That’s insane.

In Jerry Brown’s first terms as Governor, crime increased by over 300 percent, because he kept signing bills that decreased prison sentences, and cut the length of time bad guys would spend in jail. In 1994, the state passed the 3 strikes law. The rate of serious and violent crime dropped 50% in one year, to the levels they were before Jerry Brown became Governor. Over the last 7 years, Jerry Brown and the Legislative Democrats have once again let the bad guys out of jail, and crime is going up again. Anyone who uses a gun in the commission of a crime, for whatever reason, needs to go to jail for a long time, it’s that simple. We don’t need to understand their family, their past, the social pressures on them, their neighborhood, or any other excuse they might come up with to justify using the gun. We need to put them in jail, for a very long time. That’s it.

People will die because of these horrible policies. The crime rate will not go down again because we understand the criminals. It will only go down when we put them in a place where they can’t hurt you and me. We need to put them in jail or prison, and keep them there until they can’t hurt us any more.

I used to think that the D’s were just opposed to guns, not gun owners. I am now convinced they want to punish gun owners, not criminals. Committing the crime is not the evil, owning the gun is. How crazy is that…