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Richard Rider

The CA labor unions are starting their official drive to gut Prop 13

Heads up!  The unions have made it clear — they ARE coming after Prop 13 in the November, 2018 election.  As you can see below, they are currently staging a number of tightly controlled “town hall” meetings designed to support the unions’ ballot initiative to dismantle Prop 13.

These “meetings” are roughly akin to the socialist propaganda camp lessons provided daily in the reeducation camps we more commonly refer to as our college campus classrooms.  Indeed, these meetings will BE held on college campuses — in part so they can pack the room with clueless, brainwashed, tax gobbling students! 

There will be NO representation at these rigged meetings by opponents of this proposition to impose a $9 billion annual tax increase (which won’t yield $9 billion, but that’s another matter).  And indeed, it would be a waste of time (and possibly some physical risk) attending as a vocal opponent of this drive at such union meetings.

It’s a naked “divide and conquer” strategy.  The goal is to first dramatically raise property taxes on businesses — ALL businesses — under the usual guise of “fairness.”  As it now stands, there is an uneasy alliance between business groups and homeowners (homeowners ably represented by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association) to defend Prop 13.

If the progressives can successfully cull out the least popular segment — California voters arguably are the most anti-business electorate in the nation — then they can later come back after homeowners, and the business community will then not oppose that effort.  As a percent of the electorate, California — with its uber-high home prices — has the lowest percent of homeowners of any state in America. “United we stand, divided we fall.”

It’s interesting that the unions make no effort to hide that they are funding and spearheading this drive.  And it’s primarily the most radical (SEIU and all public employee) labor unions underwriting this effort.  Private sector unions (like the Teamsters) appear to be less anxious to drive more of their employers out of California, or out of business.

Let’s be clear.  This is the quintessential CA pension tax.  And if they can get the floodgates for such tax increases to open, it’s likely that the relentless public employee push for higher pensions and salaries will once again be irresistible for state and local CA politicians.

If you’d like to see some fact-based arguments defending Prop 13, go to my article:

NOTE:  My factsheet has recently been updated for the June 2017 property tax revenues.  Don’t let the URL title fool you.


Make It Fair Community Town Hall

November 1 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Dear Colleagues,

Please consider attending the Make it Fair Community Town Hall next Wednesday, November 1st, at City College, in the MS building, room MS 140 to learn more about how closing the Proposition 13 tax loophole could help boost education in California by restoring over $9 billion annually to the state budget.  Speakers will include SD School Board member Richard Barrera, UCSD Professor Issac Martin, your AFT Guild 1931’s Kelly Mayhew and others from a wide range of community groups.  Come and learn more about this vital issue for the future of education in our state.

In Unity,