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Richard Rider

CA electricity costs much more than other states, and FAR more than Texas

Oh my! I just ran MY cost of California electricity stats using the latest federal data compilation:

CA residential electricity costs an average of 44.2­% more per kWh than the average for the other 49 states. CA commercial rates (think office buildings and shopping centers) are 60.6% higher.  For industrial use, CA electricity is an astonishing 98.5% higher than the other states’ average. (August, 2017).

The Texas advantage compared to California is even higher. CA residential electricity costs 71.2% more per kWh than Texas residential electricity. CA commercial electricity costs 115.7% more than TX. But the astounding figure is the INDUSTRIAL rate difference — CA rates are 175.7% higher than TX.

I was prompted to run this update by a fine article (below) comparing how CA and TX deal with the cost of electricity. TX is well served by having more of a free market system with competition. Meanwhile CA is mandating idiotic requirements that end up pounding residents and businesses in the state.


California government mandates send electricity prices skyrocketing, but Texas free market policies keeps prices low

by Chuck Devore

Go to the link to read the article and to comment, if you are so inclined.