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Richard Rider

What constitutes a credible #MeToo scandal?

When are #MeToo accusations credible? Absent specific evidence, such accusations have to be viewed in the context of who is being accused, and who is doing the accusing — considering possible ulterior motives.

In CA, over 140 women who worked in the state capitol came forward to accuse state legislators of sexual abuse.  As many as 97% of the complaints were against Democrat legislators, or their senior staff (a fact the MSM studiously avoided reporting).But more important, almost all the complaints came from DEMOCRAT women who worked for these predators. For a Democrat woman to come forward with such inflammatory accusations against their bosses — whose agendas the women strongly agreed with — put these ladies’ future employment in Sacramento at severe risk.

THAT’s a credible #MeToo scandal.

Similarly for Hollywood. For these many, many liberal actresses to (finally) come forward and accuse those liberal moguls who helped (and can help) their careers of sexual abuse took guts.

THAT’s a credible #MeToo scandal.
But now Democrat women come forward in the last days of a long confirmation process and accuse a perceived arch GOP enemy (Kavanaugh) of sexual abuse allegedly committed DECADES ago. There’s no culpable evidence of his guilt except the accusers’ claims. But there is considerable evidence that their stories are made up, based on MANY people’s contradiction of their description of Kavanaugh and events.

These women are receiving GREAT publicity and adoration from their comrades – and face essentially zero chance of being convicted of perjury as it’s impossible to PROVE they are lying. Instead, hundreds of thousands of $ in speaking fees will likely be their reward.

**That’s NOT a credible #MeToo scandal!**
Only the making of these last minute, highly suspect accusations are a scandal. Sadly, I’m afraid the public doesn’t see the difference. CERTAINLY the MSM is not going to point it out!

NOTE: For details on the unreported (indeed, covered up!) Democratic Party sexual abuse scandal in the California state legislature, go to my article: