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Katy Grimes

Elizabeth Warren New Leader of the #MeSioux Movement! 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) typifies the Democrat shrieking shrew who is angry all of the time. Warren, who falsified her job application to Harvard claiming she was Cherokee (based on her grandmother telling her she had high cheek bones), played the affirmative action card, and allowed Harvard Law School to call her the school’s only Native American professor.


Newly released DNA test revealed Warren may have 1/1024 Native-American ancestry. Yet she lied about her ancestry to climb the well-paid academic ladder.

“Now that her claims of having Indian heritage have turned out to be a scam and a lie, Elizabeth Warren should apologize for perpetrating this fraud against the American Public,” Trump Tweeted. “Harvard called her a ‘person of color’ (amazing con), and would not have taken her otherwise!”


Elizabeth Warren is not a good woman; she’s a liar, a cheater, and because she’s a shrew leftist, she thinks this does not matter.

Many years ago when I was filling out college applications, it became painfully evident that despite my high GPA and SAT scores, affirmative action policies would work against me. I could not qualify for a Cal Grant because my public school teacher-father “made too much money.” The real problem was that I was a white girl with an anglo name.


Without a speck of Native American, African American, or Latino blood in my veins, I was also stepped over in college applications. Jokingly, my father and I said we should have claimed my name was “Swift Antelope” on the grant and college applications.

Today, knowing how Elizabeth Warren lied to get a lofty job by claiming Native American heritage is just not funny. She bilked Harvard and the parents who sent their kids there, out of a six-figure salary for many years.


If she wants to be angry about something, this barking shrew should be fired from the Harvard staff for fraud and forced to pay back the years of salary she was paid under the #MeSioux falsehood. Had I applied to UC Berkeley under the name of Swift Antelope and been caught, I would have been booted out and forced to pay back the grants and scholarships.


Affirmative action is an antiquated system that, rather than helping minorities, reinforces the perception they are second-class citizens who need help to succeed, Ward Connerly has warned for decades. ”There is no public policy which has greater potential to rip the fabric of American democracy than affirmative action, as it has evolved,” Connerly said. ”Every citizen should have an equal chance at the starting line of life’s race. But there should not be a guaranteed outcome in the race. If you discriminate for someone, you discriminate against someone else.”

Connerly has argued and shown evidence that affirmative action requires the very discrimination it is seeking to eliminate by telling people of certain minorities that because they are intellectually inferior, they would not have qualified for elite universities, and therefore need the boost to get in. Affirmative action encourages mediocrity and incompetence by elevating those who did not earn it or are not qualified. In many cases, this prevents people from pursuing education and careers they have aptitude for and will succeed at.

It has also created tremendous grief for unqualified applicants to be accepted into highly demanding universities, or jobs which result in eventual failure. Affirmative action lowers the bar and so denies those who strive for excellence on their own merit and the sense of real achievement.

Additionally, affirmative action has obviously created cheaters, like Elizabeth Warren, who lie on job and college applications in an attempt to gain an advantage.

Many people like me say that one’s merit should be the primary factor considered in applying for job positions, college, graduate school and government positions. Elizabeth Warren is the epitome of why racial preferences should be outlawed. 


Graphics are all from Twitter.

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