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Bruce Bialosky

Nonsense Spewed by Democrat Candidates

It became obvious early on during the Democrat Debates that the moderators/press would not seriously challenge any of the ideas proposed by the candidates. This is a press that likes to keep a daily count of what they consider to be President Trump’s misleading statements, but question others? As a public service, here are some of the highly questionable statements/policies by the candidates.

Julian Castro is quite a thoughtful guy, but his proposal of how to deal with the three countries in Central America (El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras) staggers the mind. He questions why President Trump cut off funding to these countries. He has proposed a Marshall Plan for these three countries.

Does he not know we have been providing significant foreign aid to these countries for years? Does he not know that despite that significant aid a torrent of people are leaving, and we are being flooded with citizens from those countries? Does he not know their governments are corrupt and that most aid will not go to the people? Does he know there are corrupt governments on other continents and their people want to come here also? Yet he suggests we provide these countries even greater levels of support.

Elizabeth Warren has proposed reparations for gays. Forget any thought you may have that reparations are stupid on their face. Look at her reasoning. She says that because we stopped gays from being married, they lost the advantage of being married for tax purposes and thus it cost gays tax dollars.

Does she not know that there is a “marriage penalty” in the tax code that has been discussed for years? Does she not know that if two people marry and they both earn significant income (full-time jobs with reasonable wages) that they will pay extra federal taxes beyond what they would have if they could file as unmarried individuals? Does she not know that a major portion (not all) of gays are two-wage earner couples causing them a significant increase in taxes as a result of being married? Does she not know that often CPAs have cautioned gays about marrying because they would pay significantly higher taxes?

After Mayor Pete Buttigieg told us about how illegal immigrants were paying for the healthcare coverage by paying sales taxes and indirectly property taxes, Vice-President Joe Biden jumped in to school us. He told us how illegal immigrants were supporting the social security system with their taxes. The only problem is if they are illegal, they don’t have social security numbers. They don’t pay social security taxes. What was Biden referring to?

As an aside, whenever Democrats want to raise property taxes, they speak of rich property owners paying the taxes. If you tell Democrats that people will end up paying those higher taxes in their rents and grocery store bills and haircuts and Subway sandwiches they shun you. Now Mayor Pete either intentionally or unintentionally admitted that fact. Or maybe it is just the illegal immigrants who get the pass-through taxes?

Senator Kamala Harris unleashed a corker during her rant about the horrors of immigration. She spoke about the lack of citizenship for our veterans. Veterans get a direct line to citizenship from their military service. Does she not know this?

The whole group of candidates attacked Trump over separating children and caging them. Do they know that the Obama Administration built the apparatus that temporarily house the immigrants? If they do not know they should.

They also talk about the children. Everyone wants to keep innocent children safe. But accusing the Trump Administration of ripping children from their mother’s arms? Do these candidates know that 28% of the children crossing the border have no DNA relationship to the adults claiming parenthood for them? It is nice to grandstand on these issues, but know the facts on the ground.

Over half of the candidates were or are members of Congress and have not done a thing to cure the problems at the border through legislation. It is easy to stand on the sidelines now and complain when you have failed to face the problem yourself.

As you know, the Supreme Court ruled that the lower courts must review the process of putting a citizen question on the census questionnaire. President Trump has proposed delaying the census until a final decision on the question has been reached or just adding the question.

If the citizenship question does appear on the census, Democrat candidates for President like Senator Amy Klobucher stated she would require a “recount” and Robert “Beto” O’ Rourke called for redoing the entire census to include those perceived to have been excluded. This is total nonsense. There are 635,000 who work on the census. It is estimated to cost $15.6 billion (having cost $13 billion in 2010). And they are proposing a redo to include people who may be here in the U.S. but are not citizens or were afraid to participate because of a simple question of whether they are citizens. Sounds good to some, but nonsense.

We could go on, but this gives you an idea. These are not misstatements or questionable. They are nonsense. It is a sure bet we will hear even more before this election is over.

Then there is the statement by Mayor de Blasio that no one at the debate disputed “There is plenty of money in this world, and there’s plenty of money in this country, it’s just in the wrong hands. Democrats have to fix that.” Which means you need to hold onto your money because they are coming after it. It is not yours. Now you know their true intentions. The money is only properly used when going through their hands.