The Trump administration, brushing aside tens of thousands of protest letters, gave final approval Wednesday to a rule that will remove nearly 700,000 people from the federal food-stamp program by strictly enforcing federal work requirements.

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RIDER NOTE:  Lest you think the above article is an aberration, here’s the Reuters story about the SNAP reform (also published in the NY TIMES):

I’ll save you the infuriating read. It doesn’t mention:
1.  Adults with children are not impacted.
2.  People over age 49 are not impacted.
3.  People with a disability are not impacted.
4.  People not deemed “able-bodied” are not impacted.
5.  People getting SNAP for three months are less (generally the newly unemployed) are not impacted.
6.  People who choose to go into a work training program are not impacted.
7.  People who choose to perform a couple dozen hours of no-skill “community service” are not impacted.