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Ray Haynes

We Are Minutes, Not Days, From a Change In the Quarantine Order

First off, Kudos to the thousands of statewide protestors who voiced their opposition to the quarantine order. You are the heroes of liberty.

Second, shame on any elected official who condemned them. Such behavior from an elected official is “irresponsible and unacceptable.” The exercise of free speech is a fundamental right, and it is the duty of elected officials to protect that right. I should also add shame on any local elected official who says he or she will enforce the unconstitutional order. You are violating your oath of office.

Third, shame on any law enforcement officer who arrested any of the protesters. You are allowing yourself to be instruments of the oppressor, that is, the Arrogant-Lazy-Authoritarian-in-Chief (ALAIC), Gavin Newsom. Those protesters have been your biggest supporters over the years. Don’t lose their support by violating your oath as well. “Just following orders” never got any oppressor off the hook for violating fundamental liberties.

To the Orange County Sheriff, who announced he would NOT enforce the order to close the beaches, my hats off to you. That is exactly what an elected official who wishes to uphold his or her oath of office should do. Just say no to any authoritarian who believes their authority supersedes the Constitution. To you Sheriff Don Barnes, You are a hero of Freedom.

To the rest of California, the battle is not yet over. We are minutes, not days, from the elimination of the order. The fact that ALAIC Newsom announced yesterday that we are days from a change in the order is evidence the protests worked. He will condemn the protesters, claim that his decision will not be impacted by the protests, but the fact that he made the comments about “days” shows he is trying to do something to relieve the pressure he feels from the blow-back resulting from his order. What he hopes will happen is that you will back off because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. He is hoping for no more protests, and no more opposition to his order.

Don’t be quiet and don’t back down. Keep after it until the order is completely rescinded. No phase in, no gradual “return to the new normal,” complete elimination of the order, that is it.

Then, to make sure we are minutes away from changing the order to the old normal, just return to your life. Re-open your business, go back to church, go to any place that will accept you, and ignore the restrictions placed on you by the ALAs around the state. That is how we are minutes away from a change in the order. If you give the order no power, it has no power.

Governments maintain oppression through fear. Have no fear. When people of good will lose their respect for the government, and no longer fear the consequences of opposition to that government, the government will either change its behavior or collapse. That is history.

If we cherish and value our freedoms, we will stand up for them, and pay the consequences for our actions standing up for our freedom.

So, to the pastors of this state, please reopen your churches. Let the government know you no longer are afraid of their suppression of the freedom of religion.

To the business owners, reopen your business. Take down that red tag that was posted on your door a month ago, and declare you are open for business.

To the employers, reopen your business to your employees. They are all “essential” workers.

And to the people of the State of California, celebrate freedom by living your life. Celebrate the traffic jams that come from a vibrant economy. Celebrate the saving faith that comes from a free exercise of that faith. And celebrate your family and loved ones by going to the parks, the beaches, the points of interests around the state.

In short, celebrate freedom by living your life. The order will collapse within minutes.