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Bruce Bialosky

Road Trip

Monday becomes Tuesday becomes Wednesday becomes Thursday. Someone says have a nice weekend and you wonder what they are talking about. Your human contact is limited. You are just aching to hug someone. What is the answer to that? ROAD TRIP.

We live in Los Angeles in which der leaders have decided to lock us down through July 4th. That is a county of 10 million where the deaths from COVID-19 equal about 5-6 average days of typical deaths in the county (based on 75-year average lifespan). That is .015% of the population. Los Angeles is the hot bed in California. The state has lost .008 of its population to the virus or fewer than three days’ worth of its average death rate.

The Beautiful Wife and I will be going to the Free States of America. We are aiming toward Yellowstone Park and Mount Rushmore. We will see Crazy Horse, the Grand Tetons, Little Big Horn, Deadwood, Sturgis and more. We will cross through Nevada and Utah on our way to see Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. Going to see some friends along the way. Refugees from California.

When are we coming back? Not quite sure. Not much on the schedule here. No lunches planned with friends. No Dodger or Laker games to watch. No movies or concerts to go see. So why not see some of the most beautiful parts of our country (world) and actually sit down at a restaurant and have a meal.

By the time you read this we will be on the road. Please don’t alert der Leader Newsom so he sends the COVID police to stop us at the border. We will keep in touch from the road to let you know what it is like to be free again.

I just want to be where someone is not annoying me by saying “stay safe.” At this point I don’t know whether those who tell me that are talking about COVID-19 or the COVID shock troops trying to control our lives and ruin our businesses.