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Richard Rider

California has highest state gas tax, but our roads are worse than all but one state

The annual California AUTOMATIC gas tax increase occurs every July.  Perhaps it’s a good thing.  It’s a yearly reminder about our state’s sky-high, anti-people gas tax.  Let’s review.


Perhaps you — like most Californians — think that you are not getting much road repair “bang” for your gas tax buck.  You are absolutely correct.

According to this research by a “pro road” entity, California roads are the SECOND worst in the nation. Only Rhode Island is deemed to be worse.

45% of California’s roads are listed as “poor.” The national average is 20%. While the outfit’s definition of “poor roads” is probably somewhat exaggerated, the DIFFERENCE between states is a fair “bang for the buck” comparison.  Go to this website below and click the “state road conditions” tab to see how all the states rank.

While we have the nation’s second worst roads, California has EASILY the highest total gas taxes in the nation! Combining all the government fees and taxes, and it’s over $1.20/gallon.  And there are other indirect (and unique) California gas costs imposed by bad government policies.

Little noticed by Californians is that our DIESEL taxes are ALSO the highest in the nation, and also go up annually every July.  While few Californians own diesel cars, that high cost is paid by everyone who buys tangible commercial products — such as food. That’s because the businesses use diesel trucks, tractors and other heavy mobile equipment (think construction).

Higher business costs are NOT paid by businesses. They are paid for by the PURCHASERS of those business products.  It’s yet another hidden tax on the people of California — buried it the prices they pay for goods.

BOTTOM LINE: California has by far the nation’s highest fuel taxes on cars and trucks, while having the second worst roads in the nation.  How’s THAT for your “bang for the buck”?

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