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Bruce Bialosky

What Happens if Newsom Wins Recall

We apparently have a governor who never had limits set by his parents while growing up. How do I know this? He told the press that the recall was not “fair.” Every parent I know had a petulant crying child stand in front of them at some point screaming “That is not fair.” In a variety of manners parents told their children “Tough luck kid; life is not fair.” We never expected to have our Governor acting like that. If Governor Newsom somehow survives this recall he will take it out on us because he will be a pouting little child who ultimately got his way.

This column typically stays away from speculation. Yet in this case, it is necessary. Based on watching this Governor who, for over two years has handled himself in a certain manner and will continue in the same manner, will know he can operate for another five years without restrictions.

Newsom seemingly just realized there is a homeless problem in California despite having been our Governor for more than two years. He stated it is unacceptable for homeless to be living on the streets. Thank you, Governor, but we all know that. Instead of restructuring laws that would stop attracting homeless from other states and limit the activities of the homeless who are here, he wants to throw an immense amount of our money at the problem. We are already spending billions of dollars at the state and local level and the problem has only been exacerbated. Does anyone really believe that Governor Newsom will be doing anything to solve this problem by September 15th or beyond if he survives the recall?

Governor Newsom signed on to the less-than-worthy policy of requiring vaccinations for all California employees (See my prior column linked here). You must know his instinct was to institute a statewide vaccination mandate for all indoor businesses particularly — restaurants, bars and gyms. If the Delta variant has not disappeared by September 15, it would be shocking if the man who shutdown our state economy on more than one occasion doesn’t increase requirements on businesses once he is no longer restricted by the recall. Think vaccine passports.

Then there are the issues of fire prevention and electricity. It was widely reported that the Newsom people wanted the recall vote as early as possible to avoid fire season and any electricity blackouts. The problems in these areas are not created by Mr. Newsom, but what has he done to cure them?

We don’t even have to wait until fire season on the issue of wildfires. We already have the largest fire in California history. Newsom resorts to blaming the federal government. He has had two years to focus on this and has accomplished virtually nothing. Certainly, part of that time he had a president of the opposing party, but this is a nonpartisan issue. He has had six months of the Biden Administration and does not seem to have gotten anywhere since he is still blaming the Feds.

Then there is the significant lack of electricity available in the state. He has continued the policies that were in place to focus on unreliable renewable energy while limiting any energy source that is perceived as evil by the environmental lobby. Most Californians don’t know what our backup plan for electricity is when the sun goes down and the wind does not blow. We buy our electricity from neighboring states. Those states have their own challenges and all of them are much smaller than California. Some have significant hydro energy as their supply source. That is limited by the drought that is affecting the Western United States.

There is no wonder that the Newsom people wanted to have this election as early as possible.

No telling what other policies Newsom is withholding while waiting for the recall to be over. There are probably other acts Newsom has done since the recall became official that he would have never done except for facing the loss of the Governorship which he and his team thought was the steppingstone to the Presidency.

Not only did Newsom tell us all that the recall was not “fair,” he also told us that if he loses, the entire national Democrat party will suffer for years. He is truly getting desperate. Watch all the things he will be doing between now and the election.

If he hangs on watch how we will all suffer the consequences. The California Supreme Court refused to even consider a request to limit his emergency powers. The legislature acquiesces to all his actions. The only way to stop Newsom is the recall.