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Ray Haynes

I Call Voter Fraud…And I Have Proof!!!!

This claim of voter fraud is NOT one that the mainstream media can dismiss with a “Ray Haynes pushes discredited claims of voter fraud…” or “Ray Haynes perpetuates false and insane claims that there was cheating in this election…” or “Crazy Ray Haynes spreads Nutty Voter Fraud theories…” like they do with everyone who has some credible proof of illegal voting actions. NOPE, not this one, my proof comes directly out of the mouths of Joe Biden, Gavin Newsom and the mainstream media itself.

I began to suspect that fraud on Monday when President Biden showed up in California and said “You have to vote no on the recall or you will end up with Donald Trump as your Governor…” Try as I may, I don’t remember seeing Donald Trump on my ballot. That’s too bad, because I wouldn’t mind him as the Governor, but he just wasn’t there. Then, yesterday, at his victory speech, our Arrogant Lazy Authoritarian in Charge (ALAIC) Gavin Newsom announced “We defeated Trump, but Trumpism is not dead…” I looked at the returns and sure enough, Trump was defeated, he didn’t receive one vote. Of course, if he was not on the ballot, he wouldn’t get a vote, not being on the ballot would be strong evidence of fraud if ALAIC Newsom was, as he said, running against Trump. Then today, the mainstream media announced that ALAIC Newsom won the recall by running against Trump. That’s how I knew, he wasn’t on my ballot, and a massive fraud was perpetrated on the people of the state of California. No Trump on the ballot means that Biden, Newsom and the media was lying to us. Fraud, I say, Fraud!!!! No doubt about it.

What you say, he wasn’t running? You mean Biden, Newsom and the media was lying by claiming it was Trump who lost the recall? Well, Trump lost the war in Afghanistan, Trump destroyed the economy after he was out of office that he so carefully built when he was in office. Trump causes Democrats to raise taxes, steal constitutional rights, spreads covid, and is directly responsible for dandruff, halitosis, and golden retriever head. I guess its possible Trump lost the recall, or maybe not… Or maybe what idiot in this whole world thought that Trump was an issue in this campaign, besides Biden, Newsom and mainstream media (or am I being redundant?)

May I start with one observation? Please stop the recriminations. My moderate friends want to blame the loss on Trumpism, my conservative friends want to blame party leadership, some folks want to chortle about how they “knew all along” that the recall would fail. The fact is, the odds were always against pulling the recall off. Its not like 2003, when everyone, including Democrats, hated Gray Davis. Republicans hated, and still hate, Gavin Newsom. However, nothing, no person, no ideological position, no issue, movement, or group is served by either claiming they were smarter than everyone else, or that this loss was anyone’s else’s fault (heaven forbid they look in the mirror and blame themselves). The recall was a noble effort, and one worth fighting. It shook ALAIC Newsom to his soul. He actually thought he could lose the election, and he was humbled by the experience. An amazing thing for one with an ego as large as Newsom’s. There are businesses and jobs that are still around because Newsom hesitated on shutting California down again. That is a big deal all by itself. Newsom is now about six months away from the beginning of a re-election campaign. He will have to think twice before he goes down the road of attacking us again. That is not to say he won’t do it, but he will have to think about it.

As for us Republicans and conservatives, honor those who engaged in this fight. No “I told you so’s” or “it’s your fault we lost this.” Let’s regroup, and plot the next fight. Politics is a fluid thing, our fortunes can return as quickly as they faded. The recall was a “Hail Mary” for sure, but sometimes they win, sometimes they don’t. That doesn’t make the effort a fool’s errand or an exercise in futility. It does make it a foundation on which to build. If we tear up that foundation with recriminations, I told you so’s and blame passing, then the recall certainly will have been in vain.

I say, Good job to those who took the risk, thank you to those who got off their sofas and worked, and to those who contributed to make the recall happen, I say thanks. To Larry Elder, my hats off for making a solid case for conservative leadership in California. To Kevin Faulconer, Kevin Kiley, Ted Gaines and John Cox, thanks for making the effort. Even Caitlyn Jenner, you are right when you say we get the government we get. California is not yet ready to be governed by honest, competent and intelligent people.

If you are a Christian, you believe God raises up evil leaders to discipline the body politic. Guess we need more discipline.