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Bruce Bialosky

Our Failed Medical Establishment

Our country has long known that our established medical oversight operations were a failure. The FDA suffers from bureaucratic inertness. We finally as a nation passed a Right-to-Try law, which returns control of medical decisions back to the doctor and patient instead of a spiritless administration. Faced with an international pandemic, we have now seen the costs associated with our disastrous medical oversight.

I previously published a column (see here) questioning the wisdom of our elected leaders regarding enforcement of vaccine mandates. The column addressed two issues: 1) Determining what punishment a public employee incurs from not getting vaccinated; and 2) Why is there no acknowledgement of natural immunity.

The day before that column published, I received a weekly update from a Los Angeles County Supervisor. Two supervisors were proposing the same policies as President Biden had for our national employees. Los Angeles County has been and continues to be on the forefront of enforcing strict mandates regarding COVID matters. You are required to wear a mask while sitting at a baseball game at Dodger Stadium, while you can drive to the neighboring counties such as Orange and Ventura where masks are not required to enter a restaurant. I guess those people just have a death wish.

I sent an email to Supervisor Kuehl’s office. Kuehl’s main qualification for political office was being a cast member of The Dobie Gillis Show. I asked if they understood that the penalties for public employees were not really penalties, like having to get tested every week. I also asked why they were not considering all the people with natural immunity (from having had COVID). Supervisor Kuehl’s office had someone from the county health department answer my questions.

The lady told me I should not be concerned about the potential flood of COVID tests that would be administered to the county employees. The tests were covered by insurance. In reply, I educated her about how insurance works and that the insurance was being paid for by the county’s residents through their taxes. All these tests cost money and that would mean the insurance rates would go up in the future costing county residents even more money. Of course, the county employees do not care about being tested because they do not pay for them, nor is their pay reduced for the time required to be tested. Who knows, they might even receive overtime pay to make up for the work not done while taking the test.

The health department lady then referred me to the CDC website where it advised to get the vaccine because the vaccine provides better protection than natural immunity. As of today, this still appears on the website:

“Yes, you should be vaccinated regardless of whether you already had COVID-19 because:

• Research has not yet shown how long you are protected from getting COVID-19 again after you recover from COVID-19.

• Vaccination helps protect you even if you have already had COVID-19.
Evidence is emerging that people get better protection by being fully vaccinated compared with having had COVID-19. A study showed that unvaccinated people who already had COVID-19 are more than two times as likely than fully vaccinated people to get COVID-19 again.”

As an aside, that was a study of a minuscule population in Kentucky. There have never been any further attempts by the CDC to validate that.

Then, you have “that sh—ty little country Israel” (credit the French Ambassador to the UK in 2001 for that description). Israel has been cleaning our clock on research of all kinds regarding COVID. They did a study on natural immunity.

On August 25th, Israel published the results from what has been characterized as the most scientifically rigorous study to date. The study found that natural immunity was far better than vaccines in protection against COVID infection. Here are a couple of facts about the study. There were 700,000 subjects in the study. That is a massive number for any scientific study. They did not find that natural immunity was two times or three times or five times more effective than vaccines. The study found that natural immunity is 27 TIMES more effective than vaccines. That is a staggering number and excellent news for the estimated one hundred million Americans who have had COVID.

We do not know exactly how many Americans have had COVID because our medical establishment is too busy pimping vaccines. Some people are wondering if the same politicians who rail against the “evil” drug companies are really on their payroll regarding the vaccines.

Picture yourself as one of the people who has not received a vaccination. You are told that if you receive the vaccination, you will still have to wear a mask. You then think that if I have the vaccination why do I have to wear a mask? Some will say to protect you, and some will say to protect others. Which one is it and why? The authorities argue you get all these other vaccinations why are you arguing against this one? You think when I get those other vaccinations the issue is done, and no one is hectoring you and asking you to wear a mask at an outdoor setting. And you wonder why some people say they don’t want the vaccines. Can you really blame them?

The County of Los Angeles answered this great news by establishing new requirements for being vaccinated. Now you must show proof of vaccination to sit outside at a Dodger game or Ram game or the Hollywood Bowl. You want to go to a bar and drink their favorite concoction you must show proof of vaccination. Still no mention of natural immunity.

It brings into question why we are spending $15 billion on the CDC and another $6 billion on the FDA? Makes you wonder what the 21,000 employees at the CDC are doing. It makes you really understand why so many people have lost faith in our government. The two agencies went back and forth with one overruling the other. Why do we need two separate operations?

I must decide whether to get a booster shot. The FDA recommended against it. But then they stated people over 65 years old should. They are relying on another Israeli study that says there is a 10-fold reduction in serious illness for that age group. But then again, I have had COVID, so I have natural immunity which is twenty-seven times more effective than the vaccines.

Where do I get my “I Had COVID Card?”