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Bruce Bialosky

ADL Solving Hate on Halloween

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was formed in 1913 by the B’nai B’rith to combat anti-Semitism. It is now a standalone organization which has apparently solved the problem of Jew hatred in the world. They have taken on the mission to stop hate on Halloween by providing guidance about costumes.

The ADL recently released a statement regarding their guidance: “Halloween is a week away and you and your family might be brainstorming costume ideas. Check out our resource for reminders about how and why to avoid cultural appropriation, cultural stereotypes, and costumes that perpetuate gender norms.” The only problem is that they did not address some especially important groups.

I contacted Casper McFriendly of the International Association of Ghosts and he was none too friendly. Mr. McFriendly stated “Halloween is a period where people attack ghosts and goblins and bring a bad name to us all. While other groups rail against cultural appropriation, our culture is being attacked. Many walk around in white sheets conjuring up thoughts of the KKK casting a negative and hurtful image of our members. When is this going to stop? All of this is done just so kids can get some Candy Corn or Kit Kats.”

McFriendly continued stating that the annual devastation of Halloween is just a continuation of the attack on ghosts by the movie industry. McFriendly stated “The movie industry refuses to reflect poorly on the Chinese who are enslaving people but make wholesale attacks on ghosts as if we exist just to scare people. We have feelings too.”

Another overlooked group on Halloween is witches. We spoke with Hilda Necromancer of the Witches Guild. She expressed Halloween is a very hurtful time for witches. “We are exhibited as being ugly, scary beings. Just once we have been cast as a positive force. Does anyone remember witches being a positive force other than Glinda the Good Witch? Halloween leaves people with the image of witches as demanding candy and scaring people as if we are green monsters. When will this anti-witch message stop?”

Hilda the Witch went on to compare the current treatment of witches to the times of the Salem witch trials. “The devastation being done in modern times, all for the benefit of some people having their jollies, is as horrible for the witch community as we have ever experienced. Does anyone care? Where is the ADL in defending us?”

Another area of concern is the forced gender affiliation of Halloween, particularly for princesses. For years only girls have been allowed to wear princess costumes. Why is that? Princess costumes need to become egalitarian. Weighing in on this matter is an authentic princess, Princess Meghan. She said “I wish I had the opportunity to dress up as a prince when I was a kid. I could only dress as a princess. My husband, Harry, and I often switch with him being the princess and me being the prince. We are setting a positive example for our children and children all over the world.”

We contacted the ADL to obtain their input on this issue. We asked their spokesperson specifically which costume they would find the most offensive. Their response was instantaneous: “Police officer costumes. These costumes are particularly insensitive to minority communities. To have someone knocking on their doors dressed as a police officer can be very traumatic for these people. Then to have that person dressed as a police officer demand free things from the person at the door just is unseemly.”

When asked what costumes are preferred, the ADL spokesperson suggested that children explore dressing in costumes that are non-gender specific. “We think girls should consider dressing like football players. For those girls it will be liberating and will let them explore their true sexual identity.”

We are baffled what all this has to do with ADL’S true mission of stopping anti-Semitism. When asked, their spokesperson responded “If we are perceived to be cool with the LGBTQ+ community, we have studies showing that will reduce anti-Semitism. After all, the Left has rejected Jews and studies show this will mitigate that. We are enormously proud of our stance on Halloween costumes.”

I left by asking one question. Halloween is not officially recognized in the Jewish religion so why are you doing this? Not quite sure, but they are supposed to weigh in on Christmas another holiday they have great expertise on. After all, the story of Christmas leads to a Jew being tortured and killed.