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Ray Haynes

Why Do Democrats Hate the Working Middle Class

If the last two years have proven anything, it is that the Democrats hate the working middle class.

First, let’s define terms. The working middle class consists of those who get up each morning, drive to work, spend eight to twelve hours a day, either for piece work, by the hour or for a salary, finish their work, drive home, for five or six days a week, to house and feed their family and enjoy their years raising their children. In my youth, the working part of the family usually consisted of the father. Inflation started requiring the work force to include mothers, so that a family could make ends meet, so today, most of the working middle class are mothers and fathers struggling to make ends meet. These workers make the economy work, maintain the social structure, and keep society together. The working middle class pays the bulk of the tax bill, through income, gas, sales and property taxes, and through that, pays for the ever growing government. Without them, the entire system collapses. The other side of this process that rarely gets mentioned is that the taxes paid by the working middle class pays for the cost of the ever growing government, and the government employees are forced to join a union, and those government union bosses pay the Democrats to continue to grow the government, add dues paying employees, and raise more taxes.

So why do I say Democrats hate the working middle class?

It hit me when I saw the fight over how to relieve the pressure of rising gas prices. The working middle class drives to work each day, oftentimes more than 30 miles (and usually over an hour) one way. The working middle class pays the price of high gas prices, and the increasing tax burden of those high prices is paid by the working middle class. They don’t have a choice if they want to feed their family. Two years ago, here in California, the working middle class was paying $40 to $50/week on average to get back and forth to work. Today, that cost has increased to $80 to $100/week. The government was getting substantially less in taxes from those gasoline sales has seen its profit increase exponentially, paid for by the working middle class.

It is not paid by those receiving government assistance, since they are not driving back and forth to work daily. They are driving some, but clearly not as much as the working middle class. Increasing gas prices don’t hurt the rich. It is annoying and inconvenient to the rich, but not devastating. To the working middle class, it is devastating. To the working middle class, that extra $40 to $50/week is $2,000 to $3,000 per year. That is a family vacation, weekend trips to the beach, or a Christmas worth of gifts literally stolen by the government policies that have led directly to the exploding gas prices.

So, why would the Democrats give everybody, those on government assistance, the rich, illegals, people who work from home (and therefore don’t drive very much), those upper middle class types with electric cars (who don’t pay gas taxes), and a myriad of others not directly harmed by increasing gas taxes a check for $400.00? It has to be because they hate the working middle class.

What the Democrats are saying to the working middle class is who cares how much you drive to work, a drive that enables you to pay income taxes? Income taxes, which, by the way, pay for those on government assistance. Who cares that you work 50 weeks a year for a vacation that has been stolen by government, a government whose policies have created the inflationary economy that steals that vacation? Settle for the piddly checks that will buy you a month’s worth of gas. You don’t donate to Democrat campaigns, they get more votes by giving checks to everybody, and giving more free stuff to those who don’t work.

Democrats support the wealthy government union bosses, who give Democrats campaign money, and by supporting those bosses, they believe they are for the working middle class. They say they are compassionate, so they force you to pay the government more money for them to spend to prove their compassion.

Democrats spit on your values, on your families, on your desires to raise your children as you see fit, and your job that makes the whole system work. They know they are smarter than you. You continue to vote for them, even though they hate you.

And is not just the gas tax policy. The pandemic policies, the tax burden, the environmental policies, their housing policies and their entire political agenda harms the working middle class to benefit their political allies. And they expect you will sit idly by and let them continue in power because they, and their shills in the media, claim Democrats love the working middle class. Actions and outcomes speak louder than words. It is clear that Democrats hate the working middle class. Republicans should say that everywhere they go.