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Bruce Bialosky

With an Actual Ruling, Let’s Discuss Abortion

I wrote a column for the Los Angeles Times 22 years ago defining my position on abortion. They ran it because of my positions. I expressed support for first trimester abortions only and being in favor of no government funding. I favor parental notice. Not much has changed since then and I still hold 80% of Americans agree with that position.

The idea of trimesters did not even exist until Justice Harry Blackmun made it up in Roe V. Wade. In 1973 we had medical standards that were much different than today. Are we to believe that the science surrounding abortion and a fetus in the womb has not evolved? It has as well as the diseases that would cause many mothers to abort their unborn child. Since that time, it has become scientifically clearer that late-term abortions rarely if ever are justified and that the babies are viable. “Rare” is not the estimated 13,000 late-term abortions currently performed every year. I have since written that for many on the Left, there are three issues about which they are concerned – abortion, abortion, and abortion. Little has changed.

I also expressed that the argument that exists today was created because the Left does what it normally does. “We won; the government should pay.” That irked the people who are pro-life. Not only are they against abortion, but now they were being forced to underwrite the cost. The Left always wants to spend OPM (other people’s money).

It has become quite clear to anyone following this situation that Roe v. Wade resolved nothing in the country regarding abortion. Many of us who are pro-choice have come to understand it was a terrible ruling with no basis in law or history and that the issue should be returned to the elected representatives in the states in accordance with our Constitution. Now the U.S. Supreme Court has apparently agreed.

The hysteria that happened because of a leaked draft – written nearly three months’ previously — would have been the exact same hysteria that happened when the actual decision was handed down. Which means the leaker either thought they could possibly influence the Justices to change their votes, or they thought at worst there would be two moments of hysteria.

I read many of the commentaries across the spectrum and noted that not one commentary from the Left saw anything wrong with the leaker’s action. In fact, there were columns about how the GOP wanted to go after the leaker as if there were something illegitimate in doing so. This is another shining example of the Left believing that any action is fine when you have “righteousness” on your side. The sanctity of our Constitution and a branch of government is miniscule when you are armed with your righteousness.

There is a very limited group of people that could have done this leak. The fact the DOJ and FBI have not found the leaker shows that they are not attempting to do such and how broken our Justice System has become. Just like their lack of prosecuting anyone for the violence against the facilities that encourage birth over abortion. Don’t be shocked if we see more violence in the coming days and nothing is done about it. It will be branded “righteous” violence.

The most fabulous take on the leak was from the deputy editorial page editor of the Washington Post. Ruth Marcus stated, “One theory — my leading theory — is that the leak came from the conservative side, possibly from a clerk for a conservative justice concerned that the seeming majority, ready to do away with the constitutional right to abortion, might be unraveling.” You must have a fantabulous imagination to dream up that one.

This does not have to do with women’s health. This has everything to do with one thing – abortion. In a prior column, I analyzed the materials of Planned Parenthood and the misleading information they provide about medical services such as pap smears. They don’t really address alternatives to abortion. At this time, they should more accurately rename themselves as Planned Non-Parenthood.

The most hilarious observation was supposedly all the additional things next up for termination on the right-wing agenda. The best is the one where the court would end inter-racial marriage. Other than you would have to terminate millions upon millions of marriages in America, the great melting pot, they probably think the charge will be led by Justice Clarence Thomas, you know the black guy married to a white woman. Gosh, these people can get hysterical in a flash.

Currently, various states are establishing their policies. The Left has drawn a dark view of the states that haven’t yet touched the law. They purported states with abortion bans after fifteen weeks somehow ban abortion as if abortions are not allowed at all in those states. I read and heard people who otherwise couldn’t care less about the “flyover states” suddenly waxing poetic about the women of Alabama. Who believes that they now care about them? Let’s see how this entire thing shakes out which will take a few years.

Legislators will now have to listen to the people of their state and legislate what their voters want on this issue. Governors will have to decide whether to sign the bills then enforce the law. That is how this country works. If all the howling people honestly believe most Americans are in favor of abortion, they should welcome this process.

Amazon has already announced it will pay $4,000 for an employee to transit to another state for the procedure. Other companies may do similar measures. Maybe all these people who believe unfettered abortions are critical will have to pony up some money of their own. That would be novel.

Repealing Roe V. Wade merely returns abortion policy to the states and to democratic debate where it properly belongs. Nothing else.