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Richard Rider

For over 50 years, all the publicized weather calamity predictions have been spectacularly wrong. The MSM will NOT compare these predictions with what actually happened.

With each new natural disaster (sometimes even earthquakes and volcanic eruptions) comes the usual suspects confidently predicting “It’s gonna get a lot worse, and fast, unless we (fill in the blank).”

But the MSM never later go back to see how these “scientific” prognostications actually turned out.

The truth is, they are ALWAYS wrong.  And by quite a bit. They ALWAYS GROSSLY OVERSTATE the coming adverse effects.

Yet anyone who challenges the prevailing (and most financially lucrative) viewpoint is labeled a “science denier.”

When it comes to longer term Armageddon global weather predictions, too many scientists reject their own scientific method (which should include challenges and debate) — instead mindlessly adopting the religious beliefs of those who worship Gaia.

Here are three links to some articles that list the doomsday predictions vs. what actually happened.  They sometimes overlap in their examples, but repetition may well be the key to learning.

It’s simply breathtaking how wrong the most prominent “Save the Planet” acolytes have been.  But I gotta admit — these charlatans profited mightily from their Elmer Gantry scams. Thank the MSM.

I Googled “climate predictions that were wrong.” There are many factual articles detailing this SYSTEMATIC overstating of the dangers we face from weather changing.  What’s interesting about all the articles I looked at in my search is that not ONE comes up from a MSM source.

The liberals’ motto in such cases is simply “Don’t Look Back.” It’s a tenet religiously adhered to by the MSM.

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