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Bruce Bialosky

Really, America? This is the Best We Can Do?

For my entire life, I have loved this nation and had complete confidence that we will always overcome obstacles and strive to do better. After all, our founders structured a nation that provides that platform. The 2024 election that we are potentially facing is both demoralizing and has me questioning our sanity.

Let me start by saying we are still six months from the counting of the first votes. All these polls you see are hogwash. Who cares? National polls at this point mean nothing except to the radio and TV talking heads who cannot focus on more important matters.

Yet, there is a discussion about an election next November between Trump and Biden, and I cannot think of anything much more depressing. We haven’t learned from the past eight years this is poison for our country?

If you watched Fox News anchor Bret Baier’s two-day interview with of Trump, you have to wonder why anyone supports this person — especially when there are so many qualified candidates committed to carry forth the policies so loved from his time as president. They will do it without all this noise.

It is not just the clear-cut narcissism and childish name calling that is so tiresome. Grow up Donald! It is that his answers are so self-destructive. His blathering about his future court proceedings was just stunning. Simple answer – “I will be vindicated of these charges.” Then shut your mouth.

The worst though was when he was asked how he is going to win back the suburban voters crucial to another victory. This was a chance to knock it out of the park. Talk about policies important to these voters like ending the Biden inflation caused by out-of-control spending. The shocking prices they face at the supermarket. Cheaper gasoline from sources in our country. Talk about how we need schools freed from the hands of greedy government bureaucrats and teachers’ unions sacrificing our children’s education for their selfish reasons. No, this self-immolating, blabbermouth launched into a statement of how he won the last election. It led to the interviewer having to counter him and say, “No you didn’t win.” Mr. Trump, if you are to be the nominee, do you really want to win the election? Show us a sign please.

Then there is our current president running for reelection. This is a man with hair plugs, botoxed face and fake teeth. He was eliminated from a presidential campaign 35 years ago for plagiarism. He has not had an original thought since being a U.S. Senator and then he had few. As previously stated, he has been wrong on every foreign policy issue of the past 40 years.

Before he won the nomination in 2020, he was on life-support. He was saved because some people did not want his deranged socialist opponent who was certain to lose that November.

Joe Biden is the least secure President we have had since Richard Nixon, and we know what happened to him. This is a man who travels with a photographer but took a selfie in a crowd because he had to show “I am Joe Biden, and I am so cool.” Most of his politics are driven by his insecurities.

That is why he picked his disastrous vice-president. You know, the one who could not even make it to the first vote in 2020 before packing up her campaign. When she got the VP call, do you think she realized she was only chosen because of two assets (neither of her making) – black and female. Biden must have been thinking “I will pick Kammy Harris because she is so atrociously bad, I will look good by comparison.” She is less popular in her current position than Nixon’s VP, and he was run out of office. Almost every time she opens her mouth it is a sad joke.

I have said for a couple years now there is a difference between Trump and Biden. Trump says stupid things all the time about irrelevant matters. It is embarrassing. Biden is worse because he says stupid things about important matters. He does it all the time.

After the budget deal with Congress, he ran out to give a speech about the deal. He told America he saved us from “economic collapse.” We were never close to economic collapse. Why would you scare the people of our nation just to inflate your own importance? Remember when presidents gave speeches to provide soothing tones to his constituents?

After the Supreme Court made a ruling he did not like he said, “They are not a normal court.” Really Joe. Why don’t you just suggest tearing up the Constitution? How about saying something like, “Though I don’t agree with the essence of the recent court ruling, it is my constitutional job to enforce the law.” His list of stupid statements about major issues are a regularity.

Then there are the lies that just insult us. He schleps his dysfunctional kid on our dime to places like China (via Air Force 2); his kid spends the time wrangling deals with Chinese (substitute country of your choice) higher-ups; they get back on the airplane for the 15-hour flight to Washington and they never once discussed the business transactions? Biden is the master of the incredulous lie. Ask him about Corn-Pop.

Biden is running on the hope that his opponent is Trump. His people are doing everything they can to boost Trump’s campaign and minimize his opponents in the eyes of the voters. I would suggest you not adopt that tactic because you might just get what you wish for, and it may not turn out the way you hope.

We could end up with Trump whose campaign’s chances are being enhanced by criminal indictments. He would be running against Biden whose only chance of winning is running against someone who has multiple criminal indictments. What a choice!

America, I hope before next January you come to your senses. I know I have. We are better than this.