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Bruce Bialosky

Debilitating Hatred

There are certain emotions that will either eat you alive or cause a boomerang effect on you from the actions you take. There has been a hatred manifested throughout this country that is eating at our core and will cause repercussions that may severely affect all of us for a long, long time.

A local prosecutor charged the former President of the United States and eighteen others with a RICO statute violation. Most people are confused why a local prosecutor has jurisdiction to make these charges regarding a statewide election. She insisted on two things: a mug shot and bail. Her actions may make her a heroine to the Left, but they brought our democracy to a new low. Did she ask herself whether mug shots were really necessary? Did they not know what “the guy” and others charged looked like? Doesn’t the entire world know what “the guy” looks like? Did she think “the guy” was going to go on the lam?

Before we go further, let’s dispel the inane and childish slogan that is currently en vogue with Trump haters – “No one is above the law.” Yes, some are. There have always been people above the law since we have had laws. A mob can enter a Nordstrom department store, walk off with $100,000 of merchandise and have no legal ramifications. In 2020, a bunch of criminals attacked cities and looted stores, and no one was prosecuted. Don’t get me started on Hillary and her actions in 2016, or the actions of Hunter and his father for the last decade. We should have a law that anyone who invokes those stupid words should serve 90 days in jail.

The prosecutor must have thought one of two things – either I will be loved by the Trump haters forever who have wanted him “frog walked” since he announced his campaign; or, in some demented interpretation of her role in life, she thought this was somehow a responsible act.

The Hill, formerly a responsible publication until lurching to the left with the rest of the legacy media, had a rotating picture of various mug shots at the top of their afternoon report the next day. It must have sent tingles down the legs of so many of their Trump-hating readers. Responsible journalism is out the door.

Let’s look at the prosecutor. Did she call out Stacey Abrams in 2018 for the same actions that the Trump team did? No. Instead, she questioned whether all the votes were counted in the election, posting on Facebook “You all better start paying attention to what is really going on.”

She required bail on Trump and all these well-known people. In 2018, the Atlanta City Council followed the same deranged actions (common thinking among most Democrat-run cities) that criminals are not really criminals and suspended bail on a broad basis. With Trump she must have thought he was going to flee the country based on her ridiculous case against him?

Yes, I have read extensively about her charges and how she wants to handle this case. She wants to start this case in October 2023. That is funny. At least she has a sense of humor. She wants to try the nineteen defendants together. The day after the charges were released, a former New York prosecutor made a hilarious comment on this. He talked about the jury selection process with 19 attorneys querying each potential juror and raising objections. He then spoke about the courtroom where she was presenting her case with 19 attorneys objecting to her questions with the poor judge losing control of the entire matter. This woman is either a raging lunatic or a delusional amateur.

She thinks she is going to roll these people up against Trump, but I would refer her to the scene in the movie Usual Suspects where the five criminals are in a holding pen. Kevin Spacey’s character states in a narration the cops did not understand that these people will never crack, never fold. The people charged in Georgia are certainly not going to fold on this ridiculous case.

Then there is the simple act of charging Trump’s attorneys for providing advice to him. Many have stated this is purposely done to chill other attorneys from advising him or other Republicans from seeking future advice. This action has ramifications way beyond our political system. It cuts at the core of our Bill of Rights.

This amplifies the 65 Project actions. They pitch themselves as “bipartisan,” but they are a wildly partisan operation attempting to scare attorneys from ever working with Republicans to question election procedures. The prosecutor in Atlanta is bringing their ideas to the highest level.

The permanent harm to our democracy from this local prosecutor bringing a contrived RICO case against a former president and a current presidential candidate is yet to be told. Let me refer you to the case of former (and late) Nevada Senator Harry Reid, then majority leader of the U.S. Senate. He thought he was a smarty pants and would change the filibuster rules for judges. Minority leader Mitch McConnell warned him it would come back to haunt him. Mr. Reid, say hello to Justices (for life) Neil Gorsuch, Brent Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. You put them on the U.S. Supreme Court.

This case and these disgusting actions foisted upon the former President of the United States (mug shot and bail) will cause untold harm to our country. I say this as a person who explicitly stated that I wish Trump would leave the election and clear the field for a group of very capable candidates to effectively pursue like policies. I say this also as a person who clearly understands unless the Republicans nominate a gay, black, wheelchair-bound woman who believes in unfettered abortion, the nominee will be savaged by the Left and their handmaidens, the legacy media.

This is what debilitating hatred causes. I felt revulsion looking at the mug shot. Not because of who was in it, but because this charade has so degenerated and harmed this country I love.