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Bruce Bialosky

Joe Biden is a Terrible Father and a Lousy Liar

As we lurch into the 2024 election year, it is imperative we confront the naked truth about the potential contestants for the grand prize of President of the greatest country ever. Though it is often stated that family is off limits in political discussion, I believe that ship has sailed for President Biden – he is a lousy liar and a terrible father.

That flies in the face of what we are told on a daily basis by the current White House staff and their sycophants in the Legacy Media. How many times has the current press secretary told us that Joe Biden loves his son? And the point is? The parents of the Columbine murderers loved their children. Did that exonerate them from being atrocious parents? How could they not know what those kids were doing in their own homes?

Any honest parent knows there are struggles with raising children. There is a difference of opinion as to when that parenting ends. Some believe that once they are “grown” parenting ends. Others like me believe it ends on your death bed and may go beyond that.

Certainly, what constitutes parenting evolves over the years. What you do with a six-year-old versus a thirty-six-year-old is extraordinarily different. If you have done things well, you become trusted advisors to your children. I believe every once in a while, when necessary, you need to step in and nicely say, “Are you out of your mind? Don’t do that.”

We hear all the stories about the family traumas that President Biden has had. No civil person would wish that on anyone. God bless him for the tragedy he has dealt with, and we should all respect him for having the strength to forge forward.

Hunter Biden was and is a disaster. He is an embarrassment to his family and our country. He exposed his father, who was then a heartbeat from the presidency, to untold potentially disastrous situations with total disregard for his father and his family. One cannot blame it just on drugs. Hunter was apparently coherent enough to make deals with people who speak languages other than English in order to line his pockets with bundles of cash. His documentation made clear his father was part of that.

Do you think Joe had no idea what was going on? Do you think he was shocked to see the famous picture of his drugged-out son with the cig hanging from his lips? If he wasn’t aware, then he was negligent as a parent. If he was aware, then he was negligent for not giving Hunter greater attention and guidance.

To me Biden was always more focused on his political career and his perverse drive to capture the grand prize – the presidency. What was going on with son was second fiddle. Maybe third.

When Joe Biden decided to run for President his people around should have done what every significant campaign does – opposition research on their own candidates. They don’t want any nuclear bombs dropped on their campaign. They had to know the status of Hunter and they must have disclosed that to his father. Biden and his wife knew everything Hunter exposed their campaign to with his reckless behavior.

It is obvious that Hunter was using his relationship with a U.S. Senator who became the Vice-President. Somehow Hunter got through law school, but we can guess that he plied his biggest asset at the time – his influential U.S. Senator father – to get through his schooling.

Hunter went to work at a law firm and decided that gladhanding on his father’s name was a better way to make money than actually working. Yet Joe never shut it down.

While Hunter was doing these deals, his father was fully aware. My God, Hunter flew with him to China on Air Force Two and returned home with a deal. Did Joe tell his son not to use his name to flush money out of people’s hands — particularly questionable people like some who gave him money? Did he tell Hunter that it was highly improper to take money from Burisma, that it would look like a bribe? No Joe went along with the game and threatened the Ukraine government with withholding $1 billion if they didn’t fire the prosecutor Burisma wanted gone.

I have advised my male clients that the most important word they can use with their children is simple – NO. Joe apparently doesn’t know how to say that to Hunter. He doesn’t know how to say that about his poor living habits or his sleazy foreign deals. That amounts to being a terrible father.

Joe tells us these things never happened. He is the President of the United States, and his dysfunctional son left his laptop at a repair shop and never claimed it. The laptop’s information signified corruption at the hands of a dreadful human being. Instead of telling his son to own up to it, he lies about it and goes along with Hunter’s lies. It is the old story – don’t believe your eyes; believe us.

Add to this the most curious case of the Vice-President whose son does not file tax returns declaring these millions of dollars of ill-gotten gains. You would think with Joe railing against all those people not paying their “fair share” he would make sure sonny boy filed his returns timely and paid his taxes. When he becomes President, his staff then allows two years of Hunter’s offenses to expire in order to exceed the statute of limitations. I have been a CPA for 45 years and never once did the IRS let any client’s statute of limitation expire without filing a waiver. Then Biden tells us he loves his son, and he hasn’t done anything wrong.

His son stands in front of the U.S. Capitol building as he defies the same kind of subpoena defied by someone else and Joe said simply arrest that other guy. Otherwise, the law is different for my son. Pathetic parenting especially for the President. Then Joe lied about the entire matter.

There’s no need to go on. We talk a lot about the candidates. It is important we have clarity about the character of the people running. Joe Biden is a terrible father and a lousy liar.