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Bruce Bialosky

Too Many Lawyers Leading to Too Much Mischief

The world has been directing negative comments against lawyers for at least five hundred years. Law schools push out too many people with degrees that go on to lay waste to our economy. Ambulance chasers have given way to the mass marketers arranging financial mayhem. Our government hires throngs of attorneys to attack our businesses and stifle our livelihoods. They end up engaging against legal counsel at other governmental entities in death-match battles financed by our taxes. This has accelerated into an egregious attack on our political system.

The visceral hatred of Donald Trump has redefined “political positioning.” Having lived through both RDS (Reagan Derangement Syndrome) and BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome), the TDS we are experiencing eclipses the previous ones in such a manner to resemble zombies on speed due to their vengefulness. They were willing to threaten our political system while he was President and have been working to destroy our court system ever since. If you don’t think these actions have a destructive effect permanently, you are probably experiencing TDS yourself where anything is justified to rid of us of the menacing “Orange Man.”

This refers to the five ginned up court cases against him. These include the defamation case held in one of the two locations (NYC and DC) that Republicans — and particularly Trump — have no chance of winning. The case only existed because a New York State law was created just so the case could move forward. Then a billionaire hater of Trump funded the legal fees to enable the lawsuit. The fact that a person can win a case based on an incident where she cannot even identify the place or date that it occurred is an affront to our legal system.

The other four cases are based on three people who engineered their political careers to get and convict a person without any specific knowledge of a crime. The fourth, Jack Smith, is such a rabid attack dog that he has spent hundreds of thousands of our dollars attempting to try and convict Trump, timed specifically to precede the 2024 election to ensure Trump loses.

The case just ruled on in New York is so disgusting it almost defies description. Leticia James, who has twice been elected Attorney General of the State of New York, defines how sick their political system has become. After persistent attempts, she finally found a 1956 statute – one that has never been applied (to anyone’s knowledge) because it is so absurd on its face. Let’s be clear here, despite anything James has charged, and Judge Arthur Engoron (handpicked by James) ruled, Trump did absolutely NOTHING wrong. If you believe he did then you have blanket ignorance of real estate loans in the modern world and most likely have a severe case of TDS. There were no criminal charges here. No one was harmed.

Engoron judged Trump owes $360 million not including interest. He has the chutzpah to say in his verbose ruling that if Trump would have just been contrite Engoron would have ruled differently. If Trump had been, Engoron would have just stated, “See, he admitted he is wrong” and then puked out the same ruling in an attempt to break Trump. The fact that Trump must produce the funds in cash within 30 days and cannot use any banks doing business in New York (one of the world’s two banking capitals) demonstrates Engoron’s single-minded vengeance. Fortunately, an appeals court set aside some of the draconian requirements established by Engoron.

There is the special case of Kathy Hochul, New York’s clueless governor, who came out immediately and told the business world not to worry about doing business in New York as this ruling relates only to Trump. That statement alone validated the trial’s sole purpose: the destruction of Mr. Trump. Be assured the remainder of the business world saw what happened and will be reorienting their efforts away from New York thinking they could be next in line to have their assets confiscated by hollow rulings.

Jack Smith had a pitchfork thrown at his case to get Trump before our national election. Turns out President Biden had acted similarly, but even worse. He was not President at the time he kept top secret documents on open and careless display in his garage next to his prized Corvette. Robert Hur, the federal prosecutor in the Biden case, stated he did not recommend pursuing a case against Biden because he is too mentally feeble. Hur had to state his rationale, the absence of which would have clearly defined the separate and unequal justice for Democrats versus Republicans. Not levying charges against Biden makes Smith’s case a testament to inequality.
Suggesting “Trump acted differently” is simply hogwash. It is all about TDS.

There is the special case of DA Fani Willis. Ms. Willis had to concoct a RICO case that should have been handled by the Attorney General of the state if it had any validity. She is obviously a well-educated lady, but she should brush up on Confucius. He stated, “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”

During a recent lunch with a litigator friend, he looked at me and said “What was she thinking? How did she think the relationship with (special prosecutor) Wade would not be discovered?” By immediately stating the cause of the claims against her were – you guessed it, racism – it was obvious she had no defense.

My friend and I spoke again after Willis testified that she had actually paid Wade back in cash. Please give me a break. In 45 years of working with the IRS, I have never and would never invoke the word “cash.” Where did the cash come from? She and her father then ginned up this story of black people paying for things in cash. Maybe 50 years ago. Every black person I know chases their credit card mileage points like the rest of us. Show us the withdrawals from your bank account, Ms. Willis, you W-2 employee. To answer my friend’s rhetorical question, she could only have been thinking no one would look into her. And when they did, she made up this grossly stupid story about cash. Has she never heard of Venmo?

Ms. Willis proceeds with this immense disservice to prosecutors everywhere. Wade did not think about this because he is not really a prosecutor, and he would not know unless he watched a cop show. When she made up the lie about when their relationship started, she never thought they might trace his cell phone activity. That is what cops do today — trace the cell phones of suspected criminals and pinpoint their locations. You think Willis would know it is provable Wade was servicing her late at night way before invoking the phony date their relationship supposedly began? Wade never thought of tracing because he is not really a prosecutor, and/or doesn’t watch cop shows.

In this case, Confucius may be wrong. Hopefully, she will only have dug one grave – her own.

Alvin Bragg’s case is not worthy of discussion except to say he is another attorney using his power to destroy a disfavored person. His case has been judged to be inane, but you can never predict a New York jury vis-à-vis Mr. Trump.

It sounds like this column is about defending Trump. It is not. It is about defending our legal system against lawyers attempting to destroy it. How about lawyers destroying our legal system when they go after the licenses of attorneys general they disfavor. I rest my case. We must put a stop to this before we decline further to a second-rate country. It is not about Trump; it is about our government.