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Rohit Joy

Rohit Joy
Rohit Joy has served as Chairman of the Republican Party of Contra Costa County since July 2015. Prior to being elected chairman of the central committee, Rohit served as treasurer, parliamentarian, chairman of the bylaws committee, and supervisor district caucus chair at various times since he joined the central committee in early 2011. Rohit began his political involvement when he signed up with the Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) during his freshman year of college. In 2006 and 2008, he organized members of BCR to walk precincts for candidates in targeted districts in the East Bay. He also served as Publisher of the California Patriot, Berkeley's nationally-renowned conservative student publication. More recently, Rohit has served on the boards of two chartered volunteer organizations of the California Republican Party—the California Young Republican Federation and the California Republican Assembly—and as Chairman of the Bylaws and Rules Committee of the Young Republican National Federation. As a Republican activist, Rohit has traveled to targeted districts to volunteer for State Assembly, State Senate, and congressional campaigns in many general and special elections in California, and a handful of key out-of-state campaigns for key U.S. Senate races as well. He has served in numerous party governance roles, as a member of the central committee in every county in which he has lived since he was 18 and as a delegate of the California Republican Party’s state central committee, and in the past has served on the state party’s executive, platform, resolutions, and proxies and credentials committees. Professionally, Rohit is a Certified Public Accountant licensed to practice in California. Outside politics and work, he enjoys hiking, running, traveling, and spending time with family.

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