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Jon Fleischman

Has Duncan Hunter gone ‘native’?

On the FR weblog today, Jason Roe, our Beltway correspondent, laments that the Prop. 77 strategy in California may backfire and, due to a ripple-effect of other redistricting measures that may pass in a number of other states where the GOP has the favorable lines, we may lose the GOP majority in the house. Jason and I disagree on Prop. 77, but that’s okay. I’m right and he’s wrong! ;) THE BIGGEST DANGER TO A GOP LOSS IN THE HOUSE If we want to look to why Republicans might lose their majority in the House, one need look no further than an article from The Hill today, and look to California’s own Duncan Hunter. Hunter is Chairman of the esteemed House Armed Services Committee, and a very senior player in the… Read More

Mike Spence

Keith Richman’s Prop. 73 Strategy

Keith Richman is a RepublicanAssemblyman from the San Fernando Valley that wants to be the GOP nominee for State Treasurer. Prop. 73 is a measure that requires parental notification before an unemancipated minor can get an abortion.

When Assemblywomen Mimi Walters and Sen. Dennis Hollingsworth circulated letters in the GOP caucus asking legislators to support Prop. 73. Only Keith Richman refused to sign. Other self identified "pro-choice" Republicans signed the letter, viewing this measure correctly as a parental rights issue.

The state party endorsed it. Even the liberal California Congress of Republicans endorses the measure.

Why would Richman join Barbara Boxer in opposing this measure? Polls show over 80% of Republican support this issue. How does it help Richman in a closed Republican primary to be so… Read More

Jason Cabel Roe

Arnold Could Cost Us the Majority

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s decision to wrest control of redistricting from the elected representatives of the legislature probably seemed like a good idea by many California Republicans frustrated by the political wilderness they’ve been trapped in for so many years. In fact, it might be just what is needed to be relevant in Sacramento – but the national implications are not helpful.

Proposition 77, which seems unlikely to pass in the Golden State – thus giving Congressional Republicans a gain of exactly zero seats, has at least inspired Democrats. Democrats in Florida, Michigan, and Ohio.

Common Cause, a… Read More

It’s A Long Way To The Top

Especially if you’re Tom Berryhill

AC/DC, the band who dared to use bag pipes in their anthem describing the long journey to the top of the music biz , is one of those rare musical bands that continue to produce the same, straight ahead, 4/4 blues-based rock and roll, record after record (oops…I share Schnur’s old age excuse)…cd after cd. In fact, rather than lose their audience, AC/DC’s musical consistency has made them one of the most successful bands in history and endeared them to Angus wannabees like me everywhere. Come on….who among you haven’t done the Angus behind closed doors at one point in your life.

That very type of consistency, all too rare among today’s —next office seeking – politicians is exactly why Tom Berryhill will most certainly win the Republican nomination for the seat being vacated by Dave… Read More

Dan Schnur

Prop 75 and record clubs

When I was a teenager, I joined one of the record clubs that advertised in the Sunday newspaper. You may remember the pitch: pay one penny for a dozen records or cassette tapes (yes, it was that long ago…) But once you signed up you had to buy a dozen more records at regular prices. Still not that bad a deal, with one catch.

You may remember the catch as well. They sent you a card every month with a promotion for a newly released record. Unless you sent back the card within a couple of weeks, they automatically sent you the music, along with a bill for it. Well-organized, efficient people sent back the card most months, and instead picked out the music that they wanted for the next three years. Me, I ended up with a lot of music I never wanted, which is just what the record companies were counting on. So that’s why I’ve still got all those Manilow and Carpenters cassettes in the back of my closet.

Fast forward a couple of decades to the fight over Proposition 75. And the same dynamic is at play: a large organization counting on the passivity of its… Read More

Jon Fleischman

On The Stump – Prop. 76

IRVINE PTA FORUM I received a telephone call from one of my local school board members, Carolyn McInerney (a Republican), late last week. She told me that she was having trouble finding someone to come and represent the YES on 76 cause at a forum being sponsored by the Irvine PTA and supported by the school district. It’s no wonder they were having trouble filling the spot. Carolyn, herself an opponent of the measure, disclosed to me that the State PTA had gone on record opposing it, that the district Superintendent would be on the program, opposing the measure, and that, by and large, the crowd there were ‘education folks’ who were opposed. Flying down to give the "No on 76" talk was the Deputy Executive Director of the California School Boards Assocation.

Well, clearly Carolyn knows me too well. The taller the odds, the bigger the challenge – like a moth to the flame, Jon can’t resist. So I agreed to come down and speak. After spending some time preparing (Prop. 76 used to be a very intimidating measure, now I really… Read More

Dan Schnur

Schwarzenegger recall — yeah, right

I’m not a big one to spend my time worrying about media bias. It’s sort of like complaining about the referees. What good does whining do? Better to just go out and win the game…

That said, I’m about to violate my own rule. Yesterday’s New York Times ran a silly story about a doctor in Berkeley who wants to recall Schwarzenegger. He’s taken out the necessary papers and predicts that he’ll gather the million signatures with grassroots volunteers. (Ask Darryl Issa how far that approach gets you…) The Times does note in the sixteenth paragraph that thirty-two previous recalls have been attempted, with none other than the most recent one even coming close to qualifying. They don’t talk to Art Torres, the state Democratic Party chairman, who’s told other reporters that there’s no money to be raised to pay for another recall. But the Times does get to run a headline with the words "Schwarzenegger" and "recall" in it, even if the chances of Arnold being recalled are about the same as me being nominated to… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Daucher NOT running for OC Sup.

BEHIND THE ORANGE CURTAIN In response to Orange County FR Blogger Adam Probolsky’s post of yesterday, Lynn Daucher reached out to me to let me know that she is NOT running for Supervisor. Furthermore, she personally called Supervisor Chris Norby to let him know that….

Given that is the least-kept secret in Orange County that State Senate Republican Leader Dick Ackerman has made it a high-priority to drum up an opponent to Norby (the two of them developed their ‘loving’ relationship when both ran for Assembly back in the ’90’s – Ackerman was the victor, but it was a nasty brawl). The question is, with Daucher out, who will be the next player in, "Can anyone beat Norby?"

From our point of view, NorbyRead More

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