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Bruce Bialosky

Really, America? This is the Best We Can Do?

For my entire life, I have loved this nation and had complete confidence that we will always overcome obstacles and strive to do better. After all, our founders structured a nation that provides that platform. The 2024 election that we are potentially facing is both demoralizing and has me questioning our sanity. Let me start by saying we are still six months from the counting of the first votes. All these polls you see are hogwash. Who cares? National polls at this point mean nothing except to the radio and TV talking heads who cannot focus on more important matters. Yet, there is a discussion about an election next November between Trump and Biden, and I cannot think of anything much more depressing. We haven’t learned from the past eight years this is poison for our country?

If you watched Fox News anchor Bret Baier’s two-day interview with of Trump, you have to wonder why anyone supports this person — especially when there are so many qualified candidates committed to carry forth the policies so loved from his time as president. They will do it without all this noise. It is not just the clear-cut narcissism and… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Simple Solution in Government Intrusion Case

Ronald Reagan once said, “they say the world has become too complex for simple answers. They are wrong.” We have exactly that — a simple solution to the government’s intrusion into communication with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram etc. As I am sure you are aware there was an earthquake on July 4th. In an order filed with the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, Federal Judge Terry Doughty put a halt to the federal government and the Biden Administration from communicating with social media companies to restrict commentary on the platforms. The ruling by Doughty is a tour de force on free speech and the first amendment. The 155 pages are a history lesson and should be taught in every high school as the defense of our most essential freedom, one that many people in countries with which we are allied do not enjoy. Doughty mentions eight different areas where the government could still assert itself. They break down into three categories: 1. Criminal activities – Everyone would argue (except criminals) that the social media sites should work with governmental entities to address any… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Is Mexico Our Friend?

The United States has enjoyed unique stature among the nations of the world. For over a century, we have been separated from the rest of the world by two oceans with two major friendly countries on our northern and southern borders. We have enjoyed particularly cooperative relations with both during this time. Times are changing with our northern neighbor adopting some restrictions not allowed by our Bill of Rights. More importantly, our southern neighbor has policies that are openly hostile to our country and deadly to our citizens. The first of the two hostile policies is their refusal to stop migrants from traversing their country to arrive at our border with the notion of entering the United States illegally. The second is the production and transporting of harmful drugs that is killing our fellow citizens by the tens of thousands. Both of these policies feed the coffers of criminal cartels within the Mexican borders and are barely combatted by the Mexican government. The flow of migrants is separate from what the Mexican government has done to encourage their own citizens to break our laws and cross our borders illegally. The principal purpose of sending… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Tori Bowie Dies While Pregnant and It is Our Fault?

A sad event happened recently when Tori Bowie, a former Olympic gold medal winner, died while in her eighth month of pregnancy. She was found in her bed by sheriff deputies after not being heard from for a few days. This is a sad event on many levels and worse when I found out we were at fault for this happening. The coroner attributed her death to “natural causes,” but cited a condition that occurs more frequently in black women – pre-eclampsia or the more severe eclampsia. This is a sudden spike in blood pressure. Eclampsia is more severe, exhibited by seizures and possibly a coma. NPR reported in March, “The maternal death rate among black Americans is much higher than other racial groups, in 2021 it was 69.9 per 100,000, which is 2.6 times higher than the rate for white women.” The report from Democracy Now! typifies the reaction across the legacy media. They interviewed Dr. Carla Williams as an expert. She is an OB/GYN in New York City. She reiterated the statistics above then stated “These women’s concerns are not being heard. There is bias and racism within are medical institutions. Nothing can save you; you can be… Read More

Bruce Bialosky


Anyone who has previously read my columns will quickly conclude that I believe reparations (as being currently discussed) are a tragically stupid idea. You have probably read a multitude of opinions telling you why that is so. You are about to get a significantly different take on the issue. The first aspect comes from my reading of a novel years back which I believe is The Winner by David Baldacci. It is combined with my personal and concurrent experience. Remember a good novel often has a significant basis in fact. The premise concerns a genius criminal who figured out how to fix the Powerball lottery. He realizes that if he fixed it for himself, he would soon get caught. He also realized that the vast majority of people who buy lottery tickets are financial underachievers, so to speak. He would hand pick someone from that underachieving population and create a deal with them. He would rig the lottery so the person would win and then the person would turn the money over to him to manage, ultimately splitting the monies 50/50. That is basically how the story goes until a smart detective comes on the scene. The smart detective noticed a pattern that… Read More

Ray Haynes

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain, Texas, Florida and Temecula Are Evil, That’s What’s Important

What are the Newsom sycophants NOT talking about?

An important question, because over the last two months, all we have heard from the media and the Newsom minions in the legislature is how bad guns are, how bad people who want to protect their children from brainwashing in the public schools are, how crime in other states, particularly red states is, how terrrible Texas and Florida are, how rotten the school board in Temecula is, and how great California is.

Since I used to represent Temecula many years ago, the comments that Newsom directed at the school board members cut especially deep. That school board is made up of parents, who have spent their time trying to fight the crazy schemes of the superintendent of the district and the teachers’ union have concocted, and for their commitment to the kids in Temecula, they have suffered the slings and arrows thrown at them from Newsom, the media and the local union. I have a suggestion…don’t try and sell the children of Temecula to a bunch of left wing activists, just teach them the three Rs. Everybody will be happy, the kids, the parents and the community.

As for Texas and… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

To Work or Not to Work, That is The Question

A large portion of the national debt limit bill negotiations involved reestablishing work requirements to receive payments from the various government hand out programs. President Biden objected to what was in the House bill and a compromise was struck. Why are we discussing this now? There is definitely a difference of opinion even though a bipartisan bill was passed in 1996 and signed by President Clinton. That bill ended the aspect of welfare programs encouraging people to sit on the sidelines while others worked and produced the resources off which they would be living. The attitude is exemplified by Zack Beauchamp of Vox describing the successes of Joe Biden. He stated” The May jobs report found that the US economy produced 339,000 jobs, a blistering pace of growth.” That would be true if someone were totally unaware that 10 million American jobs remain open and have for many months. That means only 3.4% of the jobs open were filled. It would truly be a “blistering pace of growth” if all those people sitting on the sidelines took say 1.5 million jobs in a month. And why are these people sitting on the sidelines? Because they… Read More

Congressman Tom McClintock

Why I Oppose the Censure and Fine of Adam Schiff

The Russia collusion hoax is the single dirtiest political trick in the history of American politics. We now know that it was entirely concocted by the Hillary Clinton campaign and ruthlessly used by partisans in the FBI to affect the 2016 election and then to undermine the legitimately elected president of the United States. Mr. Schiff’s active role in promoting this hoax is disgraceful and damning. But that is not the question before us. The question before us is whether a member of Congress should be censored and fined for speech, even outlandish speech, during the public policy debate. We have gone much too far down this road and it is time we turned back. The entire purpose of this Capitol is for the people’s representatives to freely debate the issues that affect the nation’s welfare. Except for the simple rules that promote civility in that debate, no one should be censored for errors of opinion or fact. The sole arbiters of these issues should be the constituents of the representatives, through the votes they cast in an election. The Founders reserved all legislative powers to the Congress because they wanted the issues of the day… Read More

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