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Katy Grimes

Gov. Elect Gavin Newsom Casting Some Big #MeToo Stones

Gov. Elect Gavin Newsom is casting some big #MeToo stones forgetting that his house is all glass.

California Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman has been accused of sexual harassment and assault. Staffers told the Los Angeles Times that during his time as party chair, Bauman, who is gay, would “regularly make sexually explicit comments in the workplace to men and women, including remarks about sexual acts, his and other staffers’ genitalia, and being sexually attracted to staff members,” CBS Los Angelesreported.

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Katy Grimes

California’s War Against Its Own Citizens

California is out of control. Not only did our politicians immediately declare war on Donald Trump the moment he was elected, they also declared war on the people of the state.

In our recent book,California’s War Against Donald Trump: Who Wins, Who Loses?my co-author Jim Lacy and I detail California’s decline and how it can rebound.

A quick scan of statewide headlines reveals a great deal about California’s war on the people, by the state’s elite political class and the Democratic… Read More

Mike Spence

You Asked For It: CRP Platform Drafting Committee Votes

I have received many emails asking who voted to send a draft platform that eliminates several conservative planks. Here is your answer. Below is the list of elected drafting platform committee members present at the meeting. Only two, myself and the Honorable Craig DeLuz. Voted against the neutered draft and in favor of amendments that restored deleted sections. Don’t be fooled the first vote was to send the draft to the full committee that had no language on marriage, guns, and a vague one on life. That is the official draft. The rest are “suggestions”.

Those listed below voted against thos amendments or were silent during the voting. This attendance list is from the CRP.

Hector Barajas Claudia Bermudez Rob Bernosky Hon.Bill Berryhill Greg Conlon Paul Cummings Jim DiSanto Margaret Dominici Jim Faison Gregory Grandrud Doris Gentry Ryan Hatcher Eric Hickok Dr. Marvin Jones Morgan Kelley Virginia Kiraly Leonard Lanzi Hon.Jim Nielsen Michael Osborn Laura Peter Dana Reed Brad Torgan Ryan Trabucco Dan Trimble… Read More

Mike Spence

California Republican Party Platform Drafting Committee Makes Cuts….in Conservative Ideas.

The CRP Platform Drafting Committee drafted a platform to present to the entire platform committee thinks they have a solution for winning election.

Stand for nothing. Pretend we are Democrats and all will be well.

For at least two decades liberals in the party have wanted to water down parts of the platforms that deal with protecting innocent human life, the family and protecting the second amendment. Saturday they got their chance and adopted a platform that does that. The proposed platform deletes over 98% of all the language on those issues.

There is more said about “Defending Agriculture” then protecting marriage or the unborn.

There are some suggestions that were recommended by the committee that make this watered down platform slightly better. Think of it as the first stage of treating waste water. Would you still want to drink it?

Amendments to add in the current pro-life plank and current statement on marriage and the family only received two votes (Myself and Craig DeLuz). The committee ended debate to avoid an amendment to keep the current Right to Keep and Bear Arms Section.

In the debate about the marriage issue, it… Read More