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Edward Ring

How Will “Ambush” Union Elections Affect Silicon Valley’s Libertarians?

Despite being one of the biggest strongholds of Democratic power in the United States, there are almost no unions representing private sector workers in the Silicon Valley. But a new NLRB ruling that takes effect next month is going to make it much easier to organize workers. Here, quoting from a March 26thInside Counselarticle entitled “Proposed ambush election rule from NLRB said to favor unions,” is a summary of the new rules:

Opponents to a union drive would have as few as 10 days to campaign against unionization – as opposed to the 42 days now given to them. Employers have to file a “Statement of Position” within seven days or lose the right to pursue any issues. Requiring nonunion employers to provide employee personal information such as home addresses, e-mail addresses, home phone numbers and cell phone numbers to the union. Ending a 25-day waiting period before holding an election. Letting workers vote even if eligibility is challenged. Legal action would have to wait until after the … Read More