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Neel Kahskari: A Candidate Without A Party
8:10 am on Jul 22, 2014

Of course, Neel Kashkari, the GOP candidate for California governor against incumbent Jerry Brown in the November election, is a member of the Republican party and is officially endorsed by it. When I say that he is a candidate without a party, I mean…

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TUESDAY, JULY 22, 2014
Associate Editor: Anton Hartmann

Obama headed to California ATM
NatlRev: So Sad: POTUS Cancels on Jimmy Kimmel
Limits on Football practice and dead grass fines...
SLO Trib: Youth football contact practice limits imposed
Campaign Contribution Gap
Politico: Money gap: Why don't women give?


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Katy Grimes

Neel Kahskari: A Candidate Without A Party

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Literacy for Students Whose First Langauge Is Not English Under Assault by CA Legislators

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S.O.S. Save Our Students! â Save English for the Children, Prop. 227

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The little-noticed CRUSHING rejection of Coronadoâs school bond measure â how and why

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Statists turn to drought for control in California

Katy Grimes

Conservatives and Libertarians: Lincoln Labs Hopes to Lead on Technology and Innovation

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Secret Sheriff Union Negotiations Endanger Orange Countyâs Financial Future

BOE Member George Runner

Move Workers Out of Board of Equalization Building Before Someone Gets Hurt

Kevin Dayton

Will a Few Republican State Legislators Open Floodgates for Costly Union Control of California Water Projects?

BOE Member George Runner

Tax Help for California Seniors

Katy Grimes

Humane Society Charity Rating Revoked

Katy Grimes

Latino Legislators Visit Illegal Immigrants but Ignore Fresno Farmworkers

Katy Grimes

âHusband and Wifeâ now gender neutral in California Constitution

Katy Grimes

CARB: Killing Them Softly

Ed Ring

How to Create Affordable Abundance in California

Ed Ring

Murrieta Incident Highlights Need President And Congress To Act

Jon Fleischman

Another Reason To Oppose MICRA-Busting Ballot Measure â Our Privacy Rights At Risk!

Jon Fleischman

Matt Patterson: Fresno Farm Workers Exploited By Big Labor

Katy Grimes

Dubious Deal Between Los Angeles School District and SEIU

Jon Coupal



Newsom and Harris choose politics over leadership on Central American children issue

Asm. Dan Logue

July 4th Reminds Us of the Price of Freedom

Asm. Dan Logue

Why I Am Leaving California

Katy Grimes

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Statism

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On Independence Day, Gerawan Farming Gives Employees Raises

Rep. Ed Royce

USMC Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi Needs to Come Home

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Hobby Lobby case no âFlukeâ over âlady partsâ and religious rights

Ed Ring

Union Grip on Californiaâs Government Still Stronger than Ever

Katy Grimes

Berkeley interferes in farmworkersâ campaign on behalf of UFW


Californiaâs hardest hit regions, forgotten by Sacramento Democrats, need reflief

Jon Coupal


Katy Grimes

Voice of OC â A Public Employee Unionâs âNewsâ Website

James V. Lacy

CA Teacher Firing Ruling Has National Implications

Richard Rider

Texas now receiving well over DOUBLE the per capita investment of California

BOE Member George Runner

Californiaâs Tax-Cutting Legislature?

BOE Member George Runner

What in the World Happened to Anna Bryson?

Ed Ring

The Financial Impact of Pension Obligations on Ventura County

Catharine Baker

Renewed GOP Energy and Resources Support GOP candidates

Jon Fleischman

Fresno Bank Coughs Up $350K To Settle After Wiring Depositors Cash To Mystery Ukrainian Bank Account

Katy Grimes

Government Manipulations Create Unemployment Purgatory

Katy Grimes

Arena Derangement Syndrome Update: Whining About Legal Costs

Jon Coupal


Doug Lasken


Richard Rider

Californiaâs âcash-for-clunkersâ program is FAR worse than disastrous, discredited federal version


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RT @RobertBluey: How @LeadershipInst is Training Tech-Savvy Conservatives ($) via @techpresident


Love it when a cop looks at ME like I'm crazy when I tell them that it is outrageous and wrong that they can retire at full salary at age 50


@tedlieu @aaronmclear Apparently #PROP30 is both a floor wax and a desert topping!


SF Sheriff Mirkarimi was reinstated. Waiting for a lefty Supervisor to explain how "our society is responsible" for him hitting his wife.


Of course he got off, the whole "jury" was made up of liberals RT @debrajsaunders: Three votes to retain #Mirkarimi. It's over.


RT @SovernNation: Breaking: Supervisor Avalos says he'll vote against misconduct charge, will vote to restore #Mirkarimi as sheriff. Tha ...


The anti-nuke protestors in Dana Point are welcome to shut down SCE's power plant for good - if they are going to pay my electricity bills.


Turn it on! RT @SCE_SONGS: Poll: 68% Confident #SanOnofre Can Be Restarted and Operated Safely


@JenniferFearing you're okay for a #VEGGIESAURUS


@JenniferFearing good ol' Prop 2 - "Condos for Chickens"


I'm calling on Molly Munger to... DOUBLE DOWN! #NoOn30


RT @MattRexroad: Kevin Jeffries puts the beat down on Bob Buster in this Supervisors debate.


RT @LincolnFresno: The Fresno County Lincoln Club Voter Guide is up:


Off Twitter most of the day begat did I miss?


RT @mp3michael: Eye opening expose into those complicit in Poway's horrific bond deal to borrow $100MM & payback $1B ...


RT @cfodee: #flashreport J Fleishman-a stand up guy. Thanks for clarifying to CFRW tonight. I'm a believer!


RT @Schwarzenegger: Thanks to @jayleno for having me. Looking forward to watching tonight.


@cfodee I'm available after the meeting if you want.


Getting ready to speak to the @RPSDC meetings - hundreds of activists and donors here - working to elect Republicans!


RT @trojanmom8: At the @RPSDC meeting, the last one prior to the most important election of our lifetime! #cagop #catcot #shouldbegood


RT @JimNielsenAD02: Statement from Jim Nielsen on Dan Logueâs Announcement


Dear Molly Munger - if you need any help explaining to voters why passing Prop. 30 is a bad idea, DM me.


Where is my RT love on the Logue news my MSM tweeps? Sigh.


@cmarinucci A fine American tradition is to kick out the reporters who will be voting for Obama.


Logue's name will still appear on the State Senate ballot, of course, as those ballots have already been printed.


We wish Assemblyman Logue Godspeed for a quick recovery from his health challenges.


Logue was in a tough battle against fellow north-state Assemblyman Jim Nielsen, who will now coast into this non-coastal Senate seat.


*Breaking* Citing health issues, Dan Logue drops State Senate bid; will seek re-election to the Assembly -->


RT @RPSDC: "TONIGHT: Official Pre-Election Event For All San Diego Republicans With Jon Fleischman And Deborah Seiler" ...


RT @capoliticalnews: Charles Munger in tear against conservatives--just put in $300K against Dahle for moderate Bosetti. $200K for Niel ...


RT @TheFix: What WAS Obama thinking during the 1st presidential debate? "Saturday Night Live" has answers.


RT @CapitolAlert: Former CA Lt. Gov. Mervyn Dymally dies at 86


@doclobby Waiting for the lobbyist who comes out of "Super 8" giving the Assembly Speaker a bad review... It will be a long wait.


If I were a manager at the County of Orange I would turn down the raise. Since odds are it will be followed by getting fired.


RT @TheFix: Amazing project on the investments of Members of Congress -- with interactive graphic!


RT @MelissaTweets: Seen the @HatingBreitbart trailer yet? Watch during the commercial break:


RT @BenHowe: VIDEO: The White House Disinformation Campaign on Libya


My week on twitter: 38 retweets received, 2 new listings, 59 new followers, 8 mentions. Via:


.@SenFeinstein is in the "faux concern" about gas prices game. Pandering 2 voters who drive when she supports policies that hike gas prices.


No doubt @terrytamminen and his extreme environmental radical buddies are loving the high gas prices.


If @JerryBrownGov feigning concern about gas prices is total bullshit. You can't credibly care when you promote policies that raise prices.


Truth: @JerryBrownGov enthusiastically supports onerous regulations that will drive gas prices up much higher than this.


There's no logical Yes on 30, Yes on 38 strategy. If both pass only top vote getter goes into effect. If u like 1 u must defeat the other.


I guess it would be a buzz kill to tell @mikegatto how his new baby already is in debt to the federal and state government.


@tedlieu Prop 38 supporters like M. Munger understand that if Prop 30 gets more vote, 38 can't go into effect.


Those who like that #PROP38 is guaranteed school funding (unlike #PROP30), remember only one can go into effect. You have to knock down 30!


@mikegatto Congratulation!


RT @CAnStereo: Sacramento responsible for our sky-high gas prices


RT @jpitney: #California county supervisors are as territorial as German shepherds.


RT @conanNBCLA: The truce is over. Molly Munger about to go after Prop 30. NBC4 LA at ;9AM tomorrow


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Liberal OC: Is the Registerâs Editorial Desk Capable of Endorsing a Democrat?


Calitics: Yee Advances to General Election as Pérez Concedes


Calitics: Have We Seen the Last of the Death Penalty in California?


CA Budget Bites: Twitter Chat with the CBP on Corrections Spending: July 22




SD Politico: Fresh Proof That DeMaio is Tea Party's Guy


Liberal OC: Loretta Sanchez Introduces Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation


Calitics: We Need to Save More Water


SD Politico: Rep. Peters Votes to Prohibit Internet Access Taxation


Liberal OC: County takes a big step towards year-round homeless shelter


Liberal OC: Spitzerâs Option for Vetâs Cemetery: Suitable for Hiking Only


CA Budget Bites: How Did Child Care and Preschool Really Fare in the State Budget?


Calitics: Tim Draper Submits Six Californias Ballot Measure Signatures


CA Budget Bites: Policymakers Take Steps to Improve Food Security, but Opportunities to Address Hunger Remain


SD Politico: Rep. Peters Joins CA-52 Residents Testifying at House Veterans Affairs Committee Hearing on PTS


Liberal OC: Obamacare cuts number of uninsured in California by 50%


Liberal OC: Who Will Be Santa Anaâs Next Mayor?


SD Politico: Update from ICWJ regarding Immigrant Children Relief


CA Budget Bites: The State Budget Is Done â Time to Start Thinking About ⦠the State Budget


Calitics: General Fund Ends Fiscal Year with Positive Cash Balance!


Liberal OC: HCA Launches Campaign to Combat Preventable Deaths and Chronic Disease


CA Budget Bites: An Opportunity to Improve Transparency in the New K-12 School Funding Formula?


Liberal OC: Spitzer wants a Veterans Cemetery in 3rd District, but not in the Great Park


SD Politico: Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Tours Facility Holding Unaccompanied Refugee Youth from Central America


Liberal OC: Irvineâs Shea: âPlenty of Room for Fire Museum at Great Parkâ; Veteranâs Cemetery, Not So Much


SD Politico: DeMaio Went Missing in Action on Prop. 8


Liberal OC: Scott Baugh will step down as OC GOP Chair in January


Liberal OC: Deputies and Supervisors reach tentative agreement


SD Politico: Refugee families need our help!


Calitics: SF/LA Look towards $15 Minimum Wage


Liberal OC: Irvine Star Chamber calls for New Transparency Ballot Measure While Operating in Secret


SD Politico: Governor Signs Weber Bill Protecting Persons with Disabilities from Abuse


SD Politico: New grants will drive innovative affordable housing in San Diego


SD Politico: F*'ing Bullshit


SD Politico: Carl DeMaio silent after Hobby Lobby ruling


CA Budget Bites: Prioritize People Over Hollywood: Alternatives to Expanding the Film Tax Credit


Liberal OC: Righeimer: Repeat! Shut-Up!


Calitics: Betty Yee Finishes 2nd, Faces Swearingen in November


SD Politico: Rep. Peters Calls Hobby Lobby Ruling "Outrageous"


Liberal OC: Harris decision is narrow in scope and impact


CA Budget Bites: Budget Agreement Includes Some Advancements for Low-Income Families, But Greater Investments Are Needed


Calitics: Gay Conversion Therapy Ban Upheld


Liberal OC: Two Stinkers from the Supreme Court


Liberal OC: Reporters to Gather for Furlough Friday while Register Brass Plans Gala July 4 Party in Newport Beach


CA Budget Bites: CBP Releases Its Analysis of the 2014-15 Budget Package


Calitics: Yee and Pérez still waiting on Lake County


Calitics: Field: Big Lead for Brown, Legislature's Approval Slips Back


Liberal OC: Supervisors, led by Nguyen, narrowly block Moorlachâs effort to limit voting options


Calitics: With SF Ellis Act Bill dead, local housing advocates forced to look elsewhere


Liberal OC: Moorlach Seeks Legacy: Making everyone Vote-By-Mail in special elections


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LAT Opinion: Allergan to slash workforce by 1,500


LAT Opinion: Bronze bust honors mechanic who helped Wright brothers take flight


LAT Opinion: Conflicting court rulings throw healthcare law subsidies into question


LAT Opinion: The 10 L.A. startups that raised the most money this spring


LAT Opinion: Federal monitor ordered for Newark police for civil rights violations


LAT Opinion: Maryland couple charged with locking autistic twin sons in basement


LAT Opinion: Sony Pictures executive Jeff Blake departing company after 22 years


LAT Opinion: Usain Bolt to run just four more times this season


LAT Opinion: Will laid-off Microsoft workers end up at startups?


LAT Opinion: Why Tony Dungy's comments on Michael Sam don't hold water


LAT Opinion: Audit may have prompted 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics official to resign


LAT Opinion: Ducks sign defenseman Sami Vatanen for two seasons


LAT Opinion: TV ratings: 'Masterchef,' 'Ninja' rise; 'Hotel Hell' returns down


LAT Opinion: Yahoo to release Weinstein film 'One Chance' before theatrical debut


CCTimes/OakTrib Politics Blog: Net neutrality activists will target Obama event


LAT Opinion: Brazil recalls Dunga to coach national soccer team


LAT Opinion: Chinese chick-flick dethrones 'Transformers' from atop mainland box office


LAT Opinion: Cooler weather helps fight massive Washington wildfire


LAT Opinion: Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby says cheating pays in the NCAA


LAT Opinion: Cameron Crowe's next movie pushed to May 2015


LAT Opinion: Tony Dungy says he wouldn't have drafted Michael Sam


LAT Opinion: GOP candidates court Georgia voters in today's Senate runoff


LAT Opinion: Newark police to get federal monitor after civil rights violations


LAT Opinion: White flags mysteriously replace American flags atop Brooklyn Bridge


LAT Opinion: Cat Conti to become first female official to work a Big 12 game


LAT Opinion: Herbalife gains as Ackman presentation fails to convince


LAT Opinion: Mike Tyson to present Evander Holyfield at Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame


LAT Opinion: Toronto 2014: Reitman, Baumbach and Rock to premiere new films


LAT Opinion: Ackman says Herbalife nutrition clubs lose $12,000 on average


LAT Opinion: 'Fargo' executive producers talk Season 2


LAT Opinion: D.C. court ruling deals new blow to Affordable Care Act


LAT Opinion: Any white knights for Time Warner? Netflix hits 50-million mark.


LAT Opinion: Comcast profit jumps 15%, fueled by Internet service growth


LAT Opinion: Stocks open higher; Comcast, Lockheed gain


LAT Opinion: Mike Krzyzewski says Cavaliers should trade Wiggins for Love


LAT Opinion: Brett Favre: I'm not afraid of getting booed by Green Bay Packers fans


LAT Opinion: Apple's swagger returns as fever around new products builds


LAT Opinion: Climate scientists have a beef with beef


LAT Opinion: Laugh Factory teams with Larry King's Ora TV for new material


LAT Opinion: U.S. investigators focus on money laundering linked to border crisis


LAT Opinion: Angels remain on the lookout for pitching


LAT Opinion: 'Tornadoes of fire' leave small Washington town reeling


LAT Opinion: Angels can't hold back Adam Jones, Orioles in 4-2 loss


LAT Opinion: Manchester United uniform is pricey real estate, as Chevrolet knows


LAT Opinion: Adrian Gonzalez, Hyun-Jin Ryu lead Dodgers past Pirates, 5-2


LAT Opinion: Matt Kemp enjoys playing right field in Dodgers' 5-2 victory


LAT Opinion: TCA 2014: Where is 'The Strain' going? Look to Corey Stoll's wig


LAT Opinion: Pregnant woman strangled, boyfriend beheaded in Craigslist sex meeting


LAT Opinion: Fundraisers yes, Jimmy Kimmel no during Obama's Los Angeles visit


LAT Opinion: Texas Gov. Rick Perry orders 1,000 National Guard troops to border


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Calwhine: Mystifying Bee editorial wrong on basics of Obama authority fight


John Hrabe: reporting California State Senate deletes website, online archives of 3 disgraced Democrats


Rose Institute: Hello world!


John Hrabe: Al Jazeera Americaâs Off the Record Conversations on FBI Leak


John Hrabe: PG&E, First American, Philip Morris Donated to Ron Calderon Slush Fund AFTER FBI raid


Rose Institute: The Benefits and Side Effects of Yacon Syrup


John Hrabe: Ron Calderon Fundraiser: âWe Put the FUN in Fundraising!â


John Hrabe: Diversity PAC Slush Fund


John Hrabe: Legislator, Labor Leader Champions Pay Equity for Disabled Workers


John Hrabe: Disability groups deliver petitions to Goodwill


John Hrabe: 5 CA Goodwill charities pay employees less than minimum wage


John Hrabe: Millennials: The Lost Generation


John Hrabe: Abel Maldonadoâs Record of Running Over the âLittle Guyâ


John Hrabe: 9 CA GOP Legislators Voted for $2 Billion Tax Extension


John Hrabe: Fireworks Erupt on CA Legislatorsâ Junket to Armenia


John Hrabe: IRS Tax Deadlines: When to Pay Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments


John Hrabe: Opponents of AB 711 Take A (Leaded) Shot at Humane Society US


John Hrabe: Oops! LA Times Confuses Armenia with Hostile Neighbor Azerbaijan


John Hrabe: Speaker Perez, Katcho Achadjian Lead Junket to Armenia


John Hrabe: Consumer Attorneys, Tort Reformers Criticize Harkey Lawsuit


John Hrabe: High-Priced Lobbyists Try to Block Sexual Abuse Bill in California


John Hrabe: Diane Harkey, Sorry I Low-Balled Your $10 Million Frivolous Lawsuit


John Hrabe: Read Diane Harkeyâs Frivolous Lawsuit Against Her Political Opponent


John Hrabe: Diane Harkey Files $5 Million Lawsuit Against Fellow State Lawmaker


John Hrabe: 7th Legislator on Cuba Junket Identified


John Hrabe: Galgiani and Achadjian on Cuba Junket with Lobbyist


John Hrabe: Former CA GOP Chairman Praises ACLUâs Fight Against Totalitarian State


John Hrabe: SB 131: Assembly GOP Caucus Should Stand Up for Sexual Abuse Victims


John Hrabe: Capitol Weekly Top 100 List snubs women


John Hrabe: CA Assembly pays women less; fewer in top staff positions


John Hrabe: CA State Assembly: Men Fill Nearly Two-Thirds of Chief of Staff Positions


John Hrabe: CA State Assembly: 10 Highest Paid Staff All Men


John Hrabe: California Optometric Association Contributions to B&P Committee


John Hrabe: Sent Demand to Cease and Desist


John Hrabe: Campaign 2014: Michelle Steel Fundraising Blows Competition Out of the Water


John Hrabe: Californians Building Bridges 2013 Campaign Finance Recipient


John Hrabe: Ron Calderon & Nancy Skinner Participated in Cuba Junket


John Hrabe: Why the Beeâs Story About Legislator-Lobbyist Relationship is Sexist


John Hrabe: NSA Funding: How Members of Congress Voted on Amash Amendment


John Hrabe: Swearenginâs Secrecy: Fresno Limits Public Records Requests to 3 Subjects


John Hrabe: Billboard lobbyist advised both sides of Placentia advertising deal


John Hrabe: Rep. John Campbell 2nd Quarter Fundraising Haul


John Hrabe: Yes, the New Apartment Will Work Just Fine


John Hrabe: Ashley Swearengin & City of Fresno Violate Stateâs Public Records Law


John Hrabe: Goodwill Buys Online Ads Defending Low Pay for Workers


John Hrabe: Campaign 2014: Farmer Ryan Schohr Announces Farm Endorsements


John Hrabe: Rock Center Rocked by Ethics Scandal: NBC News Rips Off Goodwill Story from Blogger


John Hrabe: Emails with NBC News


John Hrabe: State Senator Mimi Walters Breaks Tax Pledge with $2.3 Billion Tax Vote


John Hrabe: Sen. Hernandez authors bills to benefit his optometry business


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