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Jon Coupal

HJTA Threatens to Sue over Fire Tax

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association announced todayour intention to sue the State of California if it attempts to collect a new fire tax that could cost homeowners an additional $150 per year.

As the State’s largest taxpayer organization, weplan to file a lawsuit on the grounds that the new fire tax qualifies as a tax increase under Proposition 13 and should have required a two-thirds vote in the Legislature.

This new tax conjured up by Governor Brown and his hand-picked State Fire Board creates an undue hardship on California homeowners who are already struggling to pay their mortgages. Homeowners and taxpayers in California have had enough of the state budget shell games. The fire tax is illegal, and if implemented, we will fight to have it overturned.

Before a suit can be filed, the state must begin collecting the new tax so that Jarvis lawyers can represent as plaintiffs those who must pay, meaning the actual legal battle will not begin until sometime next year. HJTA has already lined up hundreds of homeowners who have volunteered to act as plaintiffs as soon as they receive a tax bill.

We’ll keep you updated.… Read More

Jon Fleischman

As Supreme Court Determines Future of Redevelopment, Private Property Rights Group Scores State Legislators

Few California taxpayers know much about redevelopment agencies and how they spend taxpayer dollars. This may change as the California State Supreme Court begins hearings today on the future of California’s redevelopment agencies (RDA).

RDA critics, chiefly advocates for private property rights and taxpayers, have submitted an amicus brief with the Court that refers to redevelopment as the “Money Pit,” largely because taxpayers are subsidizing private development,luxury golf courses, sports arenas, and even a Mermaid bar to the tune of over $5 billion a year!

While defenders of redevelopment claim that RDAs are needed now more than ever in these tough economic times, the independent State Legislative Analyst’s Office found there is no reliable evidence that they have created new jobs. All the while,politicians are cutting funding for police and fire protection, parks and classrooms.

There are some 425 redevelopment agencies (RDA) in… Read More

Tab Berg

Taxpayer funded arena? Let taxpayers vote on it!

Vote in my Facebook Poll on requiring a public vote before using taxpayer funds or assets for Sports Arena.

My latest editorial in the Sacramento Bee:

Viewpoints: Financing deal for Sacramento arena needs a hard look By T.A. Berg Special to The Bee

Now that the kickoff pep rallies for a new arena are over, it’s time to put away the pompoms and take a more sober look at the proposed arena financing deal, which is starting to show a few cracks.

First, let’s dispense with the scarcely believable claim that the arena isn’t all about the Sacramento Kings. Every time proponents try to spin that yarn, the deal becomes less credible. This is a basketball arena… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Breaking News – The Roger Hedgecock Show to move to 760 KFMB-AM

In order to get this breaking news to you quickly, we are posting their press release in its original format. Thank you, Roger, for giving us this news an hour before the rest of the world! – Flash


The Roger Hedgecock Show to begin airing on

Talk Radio 760 KFMB-AM after new year

(San Diego, CA) – For over 20 years, The Roger Hedgecock Show has dominated talk radio in San Diego. Starting January 2, 2012, the popular host will make Talk Radio 760 KFMB his new radio home.

“I am excited to join the KFMB family that has been a staple of the San Diego community for so long,” said Roger Hedgecock. “I’ve been planning to bring our show to multiple platforms, and KFMB will make the perfect partner for doing that.”

“KFMB has always been about mirroring our community, and Roger is synonymous with San Diego. No host reflects the views and concerns of San Diegans better than… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Taxpayers Take On L.A. County’s Unconstitutional Grocery Bag Tax

With inflation eating away at Californians’ buying power, going to the grocery store has become an increasingly expensive activity for the average family. But in their quest to create an environmentally-friendly utopia, California liberals don’t seem to care that families are struggling to pay those hefty grocery bills. The most blatant example of this insensitivity is the imposition of a new grocery bag tax.

Several cities and counties across the state have passed or are considering plastic bag bans in order to placate the demands of the environmental elites. As part of the bans, local municipalities also impose a 5 or 10-cent tax per bag if customers fail to bring their own grocery bags to the store. This tax increase was never brought before voters and as such is a violation of last year’s Proposition 26, which specifically precludes a new tax—or euphemistically referred to as a “fee” to skirt tax laws—without a two-thirds vote. Los Angeles County passed such an ordinance in its unincorporated areas and it went into effect July 1.

Now, taxpayers are fighting back against L.A. County to challenge its unconstitutional tax on grocery store… Read More

Barry Jantz

Breaking: Chris Reed ends his KOGO run tonight — Roger Hedgecock too?

Cross-posted to SD Rostra

Readers may want to listen to KOGO-AM 600 today at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. for some announcements.

Tonight’s 6-8 p.m. Top Story on KOGO will be the final broadcast for Chris Reed.

I couldn’t reach him for comment, although I’m pretty sure Reed wouldn’t be inclined to say anything. I also have a message in to KOGO management for a direct confirmation. In the meantime, I’ve verified the news through credible sources.

The news comes following a report this week that Roger Hedgecock is also departing KOGO after about 25 years, as well as a Clear Channel job posting seeking a new KOGO talk show host.

Given Reed’s conservative-libertarian flair, some in San Diego will no doubt try to incorrectly paint the departure — and that of Hedgecock — in a political light. Insiders say, however,… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Brown Dumps More Schwarzenegger Appointees; Oil & Gas Regulator Gets A Deserved Heave-Ho

Elena Miller, who was named Director of the state’s Department of Oil, Gas andGeothermal Resources (DOGGR) two years ago by former Governor ArnoldSchwarzenegger apparently had been too busy to attend meetings related toCalifornia’s oil and gas producers whom she is tasked with the job of regulating. That may be one reason why Governor Brown has decided that theposition needs a change of direction. Miller’s boss, Acting Department ofConservation Director Derek Chernow was also shown the door yesterday. EvanWestrup, a spokesman for Governor Brown confirmed for the BakersfieldCalifornian, “Both appointees served at the pleasure of the governor and werethanked for their service this evening.”

You can be quite sure that no tears were shed in California’s oil patch… Read More

Congressman Tom McClintock

Back to Basics with the Balanced Budget Amendment

The following is a speech from the floor that I delivered November 2, 2011, and wanted to share it with FlashReport readers…

The International Monetary Fund estimated that as of Halloween night, the debt of this nation surpassed its entire economy for the first time since World War II. We all know that if you live beyond your means today you must live below your means tomorrow. That’s the tomorrow that our generation has created for the children who were dressed up as princesses and cowboys when they came calling on Monday. That is our generation’s eternal shame, and something that our generation must set right.

The House is expected soon to vote on a balanced budget amendment that is critical to stop this plunder of our children. There are a number of excellent proposals out there and I would have no trouble supporting any of them.

I do rise, however, to express the hope that the final product of these deliberations proves worthy of the wisdom that guided the drafting of the Constitution.

The beauty of the American Constitution is in its simplicity and its humility. The American Founders recognized Cicero’s wisdom… Read More

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