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Bruce Bialosky

Mayor Pete’s Plan for Seniors

Senator Warren is the queen of plans — about sixty at current count. However, she is not the only Democrat running for President who has plans for how to improve our lives. Mayor Pete has his Dignity and Security in Retirement. It is time to delve into this plan and see what he intends to offer if he becomes President.

I applaud Mr. Buttigieg for addressing this issue. People are living longer lives and our government is doing little to address the issue. No society has ever faced this many older individuals; thus, there is no guidance on how to care for so many elderly people. In recent legislation they allowed people to contribute to their IRAs past the retirement age and raised the age for the time people must take distributions from those IRAs from 70.5 years to 72 years of age. This is just a drizzle of activity when what we need is a flood.

Mayor Pete’s plan addresses two principal issues. One is Long-Term Care Insurance and the other is the cost and quality of care for seniors with limited abilities to care for themselves. I am familiar with both issues. I have advised clients to buy Long-Term Care insurance for over 30 years and personally have a… Read More

Richard Rider

San Diego County Population Growth Has All But Stopped

I was on one of my statistical journeys through U.S. Census data when I unexpectedly stumbled upon this the following important fact:

According to the latest census figures, the population of San Diego County — a huge county larger than the state of Rhode Island that is home to over 3.3 million people — barely increased in population in the last reported year. From July 1 2017 to July 1, 2018, the county population grew by only 5,679 people. That’s an annual growth rate of 0.17%. If this trend continues, in the coming 10 years, the county will grow by less than 2%. That 2% is NOT “per year” — that’s per TEN years.

The most recent California STATE population growth has also been slowing. But slow as our state population growth is, it’s still growing two to three times faster than San Diego County. Moreover, while the nation’s overall population growth has also been slowing, the last two years the other 49 states’ population has been growing 50% faster than California.… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Why We Like Trump

Now that we are officially in the calendar year of the presidential election, it is time to discuss President Trump. There are a large group of people who literally detest him. To these people there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that Trump could do to redeem himself. Because they lack the curiosity to understand why we would possibly support the man, it is time to provide them a hint as to why we like him so.

These points were collected from a diverse group of people. The points are in no particular order except the best is saved for last:

1. He has a great family. His family loves him and his kids are real people who support what he is doing. Their spouses are fully on board in a big way. As Vice-President Pence said, you cannot fake kids. I have seen hundreds of surrogate speakers over the years and never seen a better one than Donald Jr.

2. He is funny. He is seriously funny. Entertaining. He is always making hilarious comments. When we saw him at a private event – no press, no teleprompter — he was as good as any stand-up we ever saw. He did 40 minutes and we were doubled over in laughter.

3. He is a proud American. He puts America… Read More

Congressman Tom McClintock

Reflections on the War Powers Debate

House Chamber, Washington, D.C. January 10, 2020

Mr. Speaker:

Throughout the debate yesterday on the so-called war powers resolution, some fundamental misunderstandings surfaced that I feel need to be addressed.

The first misunderstanding is that the justification for the attack that killed Soleimani was that he was an evil terrorist responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans. There are a lot of evil terrorists out there, but that doesn’t give the President authority to launch attacks on foreign countries to kill them.

What DID give the President that authority in this case was the fact that Soleimani was acting as an armed combatant against U.S. forces in a war zone in which Congress had authorized the President to take military action when it adopted the Authorization for the Use of Military Force in Iraq in 2002. I hate to shock my woke colleagues but killing active enemy combatants is what war is all about. And it is a war that Congress started with that act.

That act provides “The President is authorized to use the Armed Forces of the United States as he determines to be necessary and appropriate in order to… Read More

Richard Rider

For the rich, since 2012, the REAL CA state income tax rate has risen 138% — MORE than double

Californians don’t realize that since 2012, our state’s NET highest state income tax rate has more than DOUBLED.WAYmore.

First in 2012 the top THREE CA income tax rates went from 10.9% to as high as 13.3%. Retroactively, I might add. This “gouge the wealthy” tax was passed by California voters in November 2012, and was retroactive to the first of the year. I don’t know why that was legal, but it withstood a court challenge.

Then with the SALT 2017 tax reform clause, top earners cannot write off their state income taxes on their federal returns. This is a BIG deal for the wealthy.

The combination of this double-barreled tax blast raised theNETmarginal income tax rate for top California earners from about 5.6% to 13.3%. That’s a 138% increase in the CA net income tax!

If liberalsRead More

Bruce Bialosky

Anti-Semitism: Why Now?

An observant Christian friend of mine asked me recently why there have been so many anti-Semitic acts recently. I could have asked him why there were so many anti-Christian acts though those are really occurring more in Middle East and African countries. Having been on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council (USHMC), he likely supposed my thinking would come with a certain imprimatur.

I told him I had been reading everything around about the recent escalation to understand what others think is at the root of the current rash of attacks. I then spoke with my close friend, Fred Zeidman, formerly the Chair of the USHMC. We shared our thoughts and he told me he had a column coming out that he authored with Steve Israel, a former congressman. Fred encouraged me to write a column. I told him it had to abide by my number one rule about my columns – it could not just be a “Me Too” column that reiterates what others had already written. I don’t think you need to read anything from the amen chorus. Here is a different view of what is going on.

It is hard to say that anti-Semitic actions have a unique flavor to them since they have been going on just about as long as… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Democrats are Arguing for the Abolition of Roe V. Wade

Over the last 47 years, nothing has been more sacrosanct to Democrats than the decision that nationalized the right to abortion. The U.S. Supreme Court ruling Jane Roe et al V Henry Wade, District Attorney of Dallas County, is of course known as Roe v. Wade. Recently Democrats have made a prima facie argument for overturning the ruling and returning control of the issue of abortion to the states.

When the U.S. Constitution was drafted, it delineated certain rights for the U.S. government. To balance that, ten original amendments were added to protect the rights of individuals. In the final and 10th Amendment, it is stated “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Otherwise, unless it is in black and white in the Constitution stating the Federal government has control over the issue, then the issue has to be determined at the state level or it is the divine right of the people.

The states, particularly of recent, have been the incubators of what laws either work or don’t work for the people. For example, the marijuana laws have… Read More

Richard Rider

The California population growth rate is slowing down — DRAMATICALLY

In recent years, our nation’s population growth rate has slowed.The 2019 U.S. Census population growth figures are now out. The national population’s growth rate was only 0.5%. That growth rate has been dropping annually for the last 5 years. Indeed, it’s the slowest annual U.S. growth rate in decades, and perhaps since the founding of the country.

But California — arguably the most physically attractive state in which to live — finds its population growth rate slowing even quicker. In 2018 the rest of the nation grew over 50% faster than our Golden State.

Now our CA 2019 growth rate is 0.35%. That means that, slow as it was, the nation grew about 43% faster than California.

But remember, that national average growth INCLUDES the huge population of moribund California with its 39,960,000 people. Comparing CA withjustthe other 49 states, those states grew about 52% faster than our tarnished Golden State.… Read More

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