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Jon Fleischman

CD45: Mimi Walters Clear Favorite To Succeed Campbell With Moorlach’s Departure

[1]" src="http://www.flashreport.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/MimiWalters11-200x300.jpg" alt="" width="200" height="300" />[/caption]Within minutes of Congressman John Campbell’s announcement on the Hugh Hewitt nationally syndicated radio show that he would be retiring from the House of Representatives at the end of his term, State Senator Mimi Walters announced that she was running for California’s Republican-rich 45th District located in East and South Orange County. Walters had already been running for an open seat on the Orange County Board of Supervisors. Out the gate, Walters established herself as the front-runner. She had locked down a vast number of endorsements from local officials and a host of federal and state legislators within days, and has been a fundraising juggernaut, amassing a war chest showing nearly a half-million cash on hand by year’s end, and has been raising even more since then. This was after spending significant resources on deposits for slate mail and such.

The only significant road-block standing in-between Walters and a swearing-in at the United States Capitol next January was the very… Read More

Ed Ring

How Much Does Professionalism Cost?

When discussing the sensitive subject of public employee compensation, there are several important dimensions that must be considered – can we afford it, is it appropriate and fair, how does it compare to the private sector (if comparisons can even be made), what are the additional costs for employer paid benefits, and how do we estimate the annual employer payments required to fund future retirement pensions and healthcare?

When discussing public safety compensation, there is an additional layer of complexity – how do we adequately value the premium that public safety personnel deserve as compensation for the risks they take in the performance of their jobs? These are tough questions that have been explored here and elsewhere. These discussions are healthy and necessary. But there is another question that is worth exploring, for all public employees but especially with respect to public safety employees – if they are to be highly compensated, than what expectations may the public have regarding their professionalism, and how may they be held accountable for their conduct?

Before going any further, it is important to add the following points:… Read More

Katy Grimes

Is the ARB bringing California to its knees through regulation?

California used to be the fifth largest economy in the world. Today, we have slipped to ninth place. Many say this decline is self-imposed throughdetrimental tax policy, and even moredestructive state regulations.

As such, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 should have been called the “Bring California to its Knees Act of 2006.”

Under the control of Mary Nichols, the California Air Resources Board has been in total control of implementing AB 32, California’s legislation from 2006 addressing the world’s climate change. Nichols and the ARB have made clear to the Legislature that the agency is driving this boat – not lawmakers.

At an… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Jessica Patterson: Meet the Candidates Who Are Renewing the Republican Party

Publisher’s Note: As part of an ongoing effort to bring original, thoughtful commentary to you here at the FlashReport, I am pleased to present this column from Jessica Patterson. Patterson is CEO of California Trailblazers. – Flash]

As someone who has worked in California and national politics for the last decade, I understand the challenges facing the Republican Party. I’ve experienced ups and downs, candidate triumphs and losses. With declining party registration and a lackluster GOP image, we all recognize we have a tough road ahead. But the opportunities for progress are limitless because we only have one place to go: up. There are bright spots and achievements to give us promise that California will enjoy a better path forward as more Republicans are elected to state legislative office.

The… Read More

Jon Coupal


Suppose you pick up your typical California newspaper and see headlines like, “State Unemployment Far Below the National Average” and “State Running Healthy Surplus; Gov. to Return Money to Taxpayers.” You just might find yourself paraphrasing Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, “Sutter Brown, I’ve got a feeling were not in California anymore.” (For those not acquainted with Sutter Brown, he is California’s charming First Dog, who sometimes joins Governor Brown at press conferences.)

No, we certainly would not be in California where the unemployment rate is far above the national average and, although we are running a modest surplus, the only plans coming from Sacramento are for more government spending paid for by yet higher taxes.

Californians are telling pollsters they… Read More

Michael Der Manouel, Jr.

Hrabe Piece on Swearengin is Inaccurate

The ink was not yet dry on Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin’s surprising announcement for State Controller when a ratherridiculous oped pieceappeared over at Calnewsroom.com. Titled “5 Reasons Why Ashley Swearengin Isn’t Qualified for State Controller“. First of all, I live in Fresno, I’ve worked with Ashley on numerous issues, and opposed her on many issues. No matter what side of an argument she takes, her preparation, work ethic and determination are unquestioned by even her most strident opponents. I have no idea whether she’s qualified to be the State Controller, but I look at the Democrats on the ballot and I know they aren’t.

Let’s take Hrabe’s piece apart based on his statements. First, he cites “Swearengin’s Fiscal Mismanagent”, which need much more explanation. She inherited a complete fiscal disaster from her predecessor and the Obama recession on top of that. Every example he cites as her… Read More

Jon Fleischman

GOP Voters Should Be Wary As “Nanny State Republican” Shirley Horton Files For BOE

Southern California Republicans who believe in a limited role for state government, and maximizing freedom and liberty for the people should be VERY alarmed that at literally the last minute former GOP Assemblywoman Shirley Horton (“R” – San Diego) filed papers to run for the Third District Board of Equalization seat currently held by Michelle Steel (who is termed out).

Not too long ago, conservatives faced a tough choice between two rock solid conservative votes in the legislature — Senator Mark Wyland and Assemblywoman Diane Harkey. But recently Wyland dropped out of the race.

But Horton’s entry sets up a clear contrast between a fiscally conservative Republican in Harkey, and a “nanny state” big government Republican in Horton.

Here is Horton’s highest profile and most egregious vote pulled straight off her own Wikopedia page: “In August 2006, Horton was the only Republican to vote for the landmark global warming legislation, AB 32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.”

I had just started the FlashReport in late 2005 and I remember writing about my disbelief about… Read More

Barry Jantz

Rep. Hunter staffer Harrison announces for Assembly in 2016

Today may be the qualification deadline for the June primary this year, but Mike Harrison is getting the jump on a deadline still two years away. The longtime staffer to both Congressmen Duncan Hunters (father and son) tells me he is running in 2016 to succeed Brian Jones in the State Assembly. I requested Harrison provide a comment, but he did one better, sending me the following:

Achieving a Better California by Mike Harrison

A better California is something we not only deserve, it’s a goal I want to help us achieve in our great state. After much prayer and discussion with my family, I have made the decision to run for California State Legislature’s 71st Assembly District in 2016.

I believe it’s important that we continue to have leaders in Sacramento fighting for the ideals and values that allow us to reach our full potential. For the past 20 years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve the San Diego community by working for Congressman Duncan D. Hunter and his father, former Congressman Duncan L. Hunter, both in Washington and here at home. During this time, I have learned many valuable lessons,… Read More

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