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The Real State of the State: Gov. Jerry Brown leaving California bankrupt and homeless

Gov. Jerry Brown’s State of the State address yesterday, his last of 16, was rather melancholy and underwhelming. Some aspects of the state seem in great shape, such as low unemployment.

But when I look around the state I see something I have never seen before since my family immigrated here from Holland in 1960: a vast homeless population for which there seems no solution. Even the deep recessions of 1974, 1980-81 and 2008-9 never produced that.

Brown has to bear much of the blame, beginning when… Read More

Katy Grimes

Sh*thole California Part lll: Democrat Mafia To Extort Profits From CA Businesses

California’s Democrats are on an accelerated path of destruction of the once Golden State. In Parts l and ll of my series on how California’s leftist Democrats have turned the Golden State into a sh*thole, I explain how California’s ruling party is doubling down on business-destroying policies, energy destroying policies, education destroying policies, and policies destroying California’s abundant natural resources. The new law claiming sanctuary state status is blatantly unconstitutional, as is “legalizing” marijuana.

But Wait!!! There’s More!!!

Democrats have… Read More

BOE Member George Runner

What Democrats Won’t Tell You About the GOP Tax Cut

In an effort to keep up with their self-described “resistance” movement, California Democrats are engaged in a full-fledged attack against recently enacted federal tax reform legislation that provides tax cuts for most Americans and Californians.

Ironically, these same Democrats who claim to be focused on the poor and needy are engaged in nonstop howling over two provisions of the new tax law:

A cap of $750,000 on mortgage interest deductions, and A $10,000 limit on the deductibility of state and local taxes (SALT).

In other words, they’re complaining the new tax law doesn’t do even more to help the wealthy – who also happen to be their constituents. In Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco district, the average home is worth a million bucks. In Rep. Ted Lieu’s West Los Angeles district – the second wealthiest in the nation – home prices are even higher.

Sure, if you can afford to live in an affluent area of the state such as the Bay Area, where the median home price has skyrocketed above $900,000, there’s a possibility you could be left with a higher tax bill.

However, if you live in poorer areas of the… Read More

Katy Grimes

Solving the Oroville Spillway Mystery

By Lloyd Billingsley and Katy Grimes

The Oroville Spillway mystery only deepened with the recent forensic report; who was the unqualified designer the state hired? Or did they?

Last February, spillway failures sparked fears that Oroville Dam would collapse, forcing the evacuation of 180,000 people. Evacuees, local residents and taxpayers statewide wondered who and what might be responsible for this failure. Some answers are now emerging, despite an ongoing state cover-up.

In the wake of the spillway failure, politicians and water bureaucrats alike began to dam up information on safety issues, blocking access to records about the dam’s design… Read More

Katy Grimes

The Ludicrous March of the Ugly Pink-Hatters

The latest women’s march is more proof that these leftists – and they all are leftists – are empty-headed imbeciles. Billed as demonstrations in support of “female empowerment,” this march of ugly, angry leftists doesn’t understand that the rest of us are laughing at them. They are having an annual emotional flare-up, a temper tantrum, but they can’t articulate what they are upset about.

“People are realizing we can’t just march, we have to vote,” said Regina Bateson, a leftist candidate for Congress running against Republican Rep. Tom McClintock, the Sacramento Bee reported. Does Ms. Bateson and her fellow marchers not know that the 19th amendment, which granted women the right to vote, was passed by Congress June 4, 1919, and ratified on August 18, 1920?

If so many women are not voting, how serious can they be?

And really, do they go home happier after these feverish group cry-ins? What do… Read More

Richard Rider

How the CA press UNVERSALLY botched a tax increase story

This article is my analysis of how a casual misstatement regarding a proposed corporate state tax increase by a clueless CA state Democratic Party legislator became an accepted truth by all California media — and indeed national media — including Fox News. The error is bad, but my forensic analysis of how it came to be so widely accepted is the real story. It’s a cautionary tale for our MSM — one they doubtless will not learn from.

Apparently the error can be traced back to a press release and news conference featuring the bill’s two primary authors — Democrat State Assemblymen Kevin McCarty and Phil Ting. The gist of the presentation was that their proposed bill — the “Middle Class Fiscal Relief Act” — would confiscate “half” of the federal corporate tax savings of any corporation making over $1,000,000 — pouring this windfall revenue into the gaping maw that constitutes the California general fund.

The key misrepresentation was “half.”

Consider: The tax… Read More

Richard Rider

San Franciso startups often quickly establish offices elsewhere

Below is a wonky article about San Francisco startups quickly establishing additional offices in less expensive locales. It appears that San Francisco is the place to seek startup funding, but not the place to run a business.

Even I was surprised by the number of startups who rush to establish offices elsewhere, seeking lower costs. We expect to see that trend as a company matures — even high tech companies — but this study shows many new companies start moving business functions elsewhere as soon as possible, while maintaining a presence in the honey pot for funding — San Francisco.

NOTE: is a first class website with interesting insights gleaned from drilling down into data. You would be wise to subscribe to their service — if analyzing numbers is your game. More

Katy Grimes

Another Episode of ‘As the Capitol Turns’ In Which The ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Aren’t

In another Episode of ‘As the Capitol Turns’ we see that in our ‘Search For Tomorrow,” the ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ aren’t, ‘Dark Shadows’ lurk in the hallways, ‘Passions’ flare, and ‘The Guiding Light’ only lures young interns and fellows to ‘The Edge of Night.’ Or perhaps this is just another in theHow California Democrats Have Turned The Golden State Into A ‘Sh*thole’ series.

If the persistent whisper network around the California State Capitol is evidence of anything, Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles), is scrambling to prevent the other shoe from dropping… on him. The Capitol sexual harassment scandal under de Leon’s watch is growing, despite de Leon’s attempt at containment.

De León’s “containment” is not to help the female victims of these sexual harassers; the containment is solely to protect lawmakers’ jobs and future prospects. This is becauseCalifornia… Read More

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