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Bruce Bialosky

California Takes on Federal Government PLUS the Other 49 States

The news that the state of California government has a distaste for the federal government under the current President is no deep dark secret. The CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra has sued the feds over 60 times. That is just part of the story as the other 49 states are also targets of California and its current government led by Gavin Newsom and two legislative chambers with veto-proof majorities.

In a law put in place on January 1, 2017 (Assembly Bill 1887) and updated June 5, 2018, California restricts any employee from traveling to a state that has enacted a law discriminating based on sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. The law applies to all government employees including the Cal State University system.

The “likeliest suspect” states (which no self-respecting Californian would travel to) are Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Kansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Iowa and, of course, Texas. There have been some grumblings as the state employees are upset they cannot attend the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, TX. That is the favorite place to meet for the teachers’… Read More

Richard Rider

The median California homeowner pays 53.6% more property tax than the national average

One of the more enduring progressive criticisms of California’s Prop 13 limits on property taxes is that it “starved” California governments. Supposedly our property taxes are lower than most other states where property owners pay their “fair share.” Attacks on CA homeowners are targeted at the long term residents — the evil old people (mostly white) who have on average lived longest in their homes.

As the table below demonstrates, facts trump progressive fictions. Compared to other states, we pay PLENTY of property taxes.

As the graphic below tells us,the median California homeowner pays 53.6% more property tax than the national average. And remember, this average INCLUDES the huge state of California!

Texas — hated by progressives — has a high property taxrate, but the median CA homeowner property taxbillis 23.5% higher than the median TX homeowner’s property tax. That’s because California’s government-mandated shortage of homes and high home building costs make our abodes far more expensive than Texas. Indeed,… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Two Important Stories Not About Trump

When our President is not sucking up all the oxygen in the country, his political opponents are creating a hysteria that they tell us will be the end of him that turns out to be a big pile of cow dung. That leaves little room for the remaining stories of interest that have major effects on our lives. They are basically ignored because of the glow going elsewhere. Let’s spend some time on two issues that deserve some of that glow.

The first story is the medical episode that Senator Bernie Sanders had last week. We were told he had stents put in around his heart. Then we found out he had a heart attack. We were not told how much damage was sustained by his heart as a result of the attack. It may be miniscule or possibly more concerning. I am sure we all wish him good health and a long life in one of his three houses far away from our political system eating lots of beef now that it has been taken off the deadly killer list.

As someone who had three stents put in my main artery and surrounding parts of my heart which had no damage, I can testify that it is not a big deal medically. With capable medical help I was in and out of the hospital in seven hours and went… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

The Ridiculous and Irresponsible Act of Relieving Student Debt

The Democrat candidates for President have been outbidding themselves by promising relief of college loan debt to those who borrowed money through the student loan program. They are taking it a step further than President Obama. He took over the loan issuance, relieved the debt for certain favored people and told people if they worked for the government, they could be absolved of their financial commitments even while they pulled in compensation higher than in private industry. The new proposals could not be more irresponsible but consider the sources.

Remarkably, the cost of college is never a consideration as a source of the problem. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that current prices for college tuition and fees have risen 391.82% since 1990. That increase compares with the overall cost increase of 102.46% during the same period. No one wants to explain why college costs have gone up almost four times the rate of inflation. You rarely, if ever, hear of the need to cut the costs related to colleges that have really driven the student debt levels.

That would be aiming a knife at friends, colleagues and financial supporters of the people proposing… Read More

Edward Ring

How Much Will YOUR City Pay CalPERS in a Down Economy?

When evaluating the financial challenges facing California’s state and local public employee pension funds, a compelling question to consider is just how much more will they demand from their clients in the next economic downturn?

It’s noteworthy that CalPERS still hasn’t issued their actuarial analyses for the period ending 6/30/2018, even though a year ago, the 6/30/2017 analyses were available. Could it be related to the fact that the DJIA index on 10/01/2018 was 26,447 and as of midday 10/01/2019 it sits at 26,599? Between 6/30/2018 and 6/30/2019, did CalPERS have a bad year? And what does that mean?

What is alarming in the case of CalPERS and other public sector pension funds is the relentless and steep rate increases they’re already demanding from their participating employers. Equally alarming is the legal and political power CalPERS wields to force payment of these rate increases even after municipal bankruptcies where other long-term debt obligations are diminished if not completely… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

The Column from Hell

Those of you who have read my columns over the years know that a principle is to not write what other people are writing, particularly if the subject is covered ad nauseum. In other words, you (the reader) need to have a reason to spend your valuable time reading what I am conveying. Yet, I am going to delve into the topic du jour because a few things need to be said and others need to be clarified.

First, you really need to read for yourself (multiple times) the transcript of President Trump’s call with the President of Ukraine instead of letting others interpret it for you. I learned to do this in college because a classmate and I had to analyze Richard Nixon’s Checkers speech, a speech which saved his political career in 1952. After about the fifth reading we were finally seeing why this was one of the great political speeches in recorded history and we had the assignment.

After reading this current transcript numerous times, I came to understand one point clearly which is why I recommend you read it more than once. President Trump asked a favor of his Ukrainian counterpart to look into Crowdstrike. This was the beginning of an announced inquiry by the U.S.… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Newsom Speaks the Truth

(more…)Read More

Bruce Bialosky

What The Left Does Not Get About the NRA

Since the spate of events where multiple people were murdered with long guns, many politicos have been raging that we must do something. Every sane person wants to end these mass murders committed by deranged individuals. Our citizens should feel safe when they leave their homes, go to a grocery store or a sporting event at their local school. Many point at the NRA, but mostly by those who do not understand the organization.

It should not surprise anyone that the people yelling the loudest are the least versed about the NRA. These individuals typically only encounter people with guns who are their security guards or policemen. They don’t really understand why anyone would want to own a gun. They have little curiosity to discover why someone would own a gun and less interest to attempt to empathize with those gun owners. They don’t even begin to grasp the concept of a person owning an AR-15. They think “AR” stands for assault rifle. It is for the company that developed the gun — Armalite rifle.

They think that the NRA is a nefarious organization bent on ruining the lives of Americans. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors (city council) declared the… Read More

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