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James V. Lacy

Redistricting Commission blows credibility on BOE lines

If Carla Marinucci of the San Francisco Chronicle’s “crack” political reporting staff isn’t already convinced that the California Redistricting Commission is illegally drawing lines for California’s partisan political offices which will result in intentionally tilted outcomes favoring the Democrats, take another look at the maps they have drawn for California’s four Board of Equalization seats. Our publisher Jon Fleischman has blogged on these lines, and I intend to carry his reasoning a little further here.

Interested people should visit the Commission’s website at the self-absorbed named URL “” (The “Village People” graphic at the top of the site says it all about these bozos.) There you will learn that while the Commission is doing a good job at having public meetings across the state, about the only thing it is hearing at those meetings is what partisan Democrats have to say. And what it is not doing is following the law.

Proposition 11 is very specific on a point the Commission is missing, and had evidently surely illegally disregarded, in publishing the… Read More