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James V. Lacy

CRA to obliterate itself this Saturday in Star Chamber proceedings; candidate endorsements will soon be a liability

The remaining leadership of the badly fractured California Republican Assembly will meet in Fresno this Friday to conduct their own version of the Salem Witch Trials, only the objects of their kangaroo court will be a list of fellow Republicans, not Democrats, and this particular list includes some of the most accomplished and well-known, well-educated Republican volunteer organizers in the state. Their crime? They lost the CRA election. They tried to elect their own slate of officers to CRA statewide office, and when incumbent Celeste Greig and her Merry Band, desparately and pathetically clinging to office, stacked the rules against them, these Republicans sued in Superior Court AND WON THEIR CASE!

But winning justice into a CRA election did not end the story. While the Greig opponents won in court, they were still outmaneuvered at the convention in Sacramento a few months ago by Greig and her top allies: state Board of Equalization career employee Tom Hudson; and Alan and George Park, all of Placer County; and Orange County trial lawyer Craig Alexander, who all disqualified on technicalities scores of delegates lined up to vote against them.

Hudson and… Read More