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Tony Manolatos

Fitting Tribute for a Giant of Journalism

San Diego Politics & Media Mashup

Cross-posted at San Diego Rostra

Logan Jenkins blew Neil Morgan a big fat kiss in today’s U-T San Diegoand I enjoyed every word. Jenkins, a longtime columnist at the paper, starts by telling us the venerable Morgan, at 88, isn’t doing well. He then goes on to write an inspirational and moving tribute (In postwar San Diego, Neil Morgan stood taller)fitting for one of San Diego’s finest journalists.

We don’t hear as much about Morgan, a giant in his day, as we used to in San Diego. When I arrived in 2005, for a job at the Union-Tribune,Morgan’s presence was evident even though he had been fired a year earlier. Like most reporters at the paper I occasionally spent time in Morgan’s old office which was called, “The Reading Room.” It was lined with newspapers, books, magazines and comfortable leather chairs. No… Read More