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Edward Ring

California’s Official Antipathy to Educational Innovation and Accountability

“With a hearing now scheduled for Aug. 21, LA Unified’s teachers union, UTLA, will have the chance to argue before a neutral party that Alliance College-Ready Public Charter Schools, violated state education law by blocking the union’s efforts to bring Alliance teachers into its membership.” – Mike Szymanski, “UTLA outlines accusations against Alliance for anti-union efforts,” LA School Report, August 6, 2015

The “neutral party” to which Szymanski refers is California’sPublic Employee Relations Board(PERB), “a quasi-judicial administrative agency charged with administering the eight collective bargaining statutes covering employees of California’s public schools, colleges, and universities, employees of the State of California, employees of California local public agencies,” etc.

“Neutral.” Really?

A quick look at the directors of PERB provides yet another example of just how stacked the deck has gotten in favor of public employee unions. Following their names… Read More

Mike Spence

For Unions Telling Employees Their Rights = Unfair Labor Practice. Why Proposition 32 is needed

Recently at a forum in Yorba Linda, I was asked to present the statewide initiatives in my customary non-biased informational way and answer any questions.

Representatives of some initiatives did show up and received a few minutes to present their case. One representative from the local teachers union explained why in her view Proposition 32 was flawed. She then said anybody that wants to exempt themselves from political dues can. It is easy.


The West Covina School Board of which I am a member unanimously changed some of our policies.

The Classified Service Employees Association (CSEA) recently filed a charge of us committing “unfair labor practices”. I know, like I would be unfair to a union? They already are so disadvantaged with having state law mandate that they represent all employees and forcing employees to pay whether they likeit or not. Add in the disadvantages suffered from the special laws protecting unions and mandating rules and benefits passed in Sacramento and the factunions being the top political spenders. One would never want to be “unfair”.

The “charges” contained a lot of… Read More