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Jon Fleischman

Eastman & Bell: The Constitutional Role of Partisans in the Redistricting Process

[Publisher’s Note: One would be hard pressed to find two constitutional and election law attorneys who are more well versed and well respected on the Republican side of the aisle than the co-authors of this important guest column. I commend you to take the time to full read this column, which is a bit longer than we normally feature in this space. But it is important — Flash]The Constitutional Role of Partisans in the Redistricting Process By Professor John C. Eastman and Charles H. Bell, Jr.

Summary: The Citizens Redistricting Commission process has gone seriously awry, hijacked by covert Democrat and leftist partisans who have violated open meeting, public records and conflict of interest laws, playing a “shell game” with draft district maps that likely will cement Democrat 2/3ds control of the State Legislature when finalized. Proposition 11 provided a remedy – Republican commissioners can defeat the final district maps if three Republican commissioners simply vote no. Then, redistrictingRead More

James V. Lacy

Redistricting maps to be revealed June 10

Drafts of the remapping of California’s congressional seats and state legislative districts will be unveiled by the state Redistricting Committee on June 10. Final lines will be approved after public comment by August 15, according to the Committee.… Read More