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You know you’re a junkie when…

Senator John Campbell to debate Minuteman Founder Jim Gilchrist today LIVE on John and Ken (KFI AM 640) 3pm – 7pm.

For all you political junkies this afternoon there will be one of those moments–a time when your spouse and friends won’t understand why you would be glued to you computer or radio or actually drive to the Ayres Hotel in Laguna Woods to hear a political debate between these candidates for Congress…but you do it anyway.

Detail on the show:

Live streaming audio:

Gilchrist has the advantage on illegal immigration hands down, especially since Campbell has a couple bad votes in the Senate.  But he does not present well and Campbell will mop the floor with Gilchrist on every other issue.  Some politicos might suggest that this is a mistake, a strategic error on the part of Dave Gilliard, Campbell’s consultant.  Actually, Campbell is going to be the top GOP vote getter no matter what, so he should try to reach a bit to see if they can collect enough to get them to 50%.