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Jon Fleischman

KABC POLL SHOWS 74, 75, 76, 77 Ahead

THERE’S A NEW SURVEY OUT….I am not high on surveys, but then, it turns out, neither is Schwarzenegger Chief Strategist Mike Murphy.  On the Join Arnold blog, there is a great post from Murphy talking about the release of a new KABC POLL which shows ALL FOUR of the Governor’s reform measures AHEAD…

Here’s the bottom line:

The poll was taken 9/30 to 10/2. (You can also go to the actuall poll here)

Prop 74. Yes 55%, No 44%.

Prop 75. Yes 60%, No 37% 

Prop 76. Yes 58%, No 36% 

Prop 77. Yes 59%, No 36% 

Murphy says: 

"Today’s post is about a brand new poll out tonight on KABC-TV and KPIX-TV. Warning: Lots of science and propellor head data stuff here, but it is all interesting and the news is quite good for the Forces of Reform.

Here is the headline: A brand new Survey USA poll done for KABC and other local TV stations shows all four of the Governor’s reform initiatives winning in the special election. This is the first poll done since the Governor went on TV.

Now, I’ve been quick to criticize other media polls in California, and I don’t believe in getting too excited about any media poll, especially weeks before an election. I believe in the Murphy Poll, and the Murphy Poll always shows my side 2 points down. Because when you are 2 points down, you tend to concentrate on winning not thinking about media polls.

But let’s talk about this poll for KABC…"  

Click HERE to see the rest of Murphy’s analysis…