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Jason Cabel Roe

Things to thank the Main Street Partnership for…

Tuesday’s special election for the 48th Congressional District was decided more by interlopers than the voters of the 48th CD.  The East Coast-based Main Street Partnership decided that the candidate endorsed by moderate Republican Governor Arnold Swartzenegger and the California Republican Party…not to mention many members of the California congressional delegation, was not good enough so they spent a few hundred thousand dollars attacking the lead GOP candidate.  Here’s the list of things we can thank Main Street for:

  1. Bringing Marilyn Brewer up to 16% from 10%
  2. Taking John Campbell down from 50+1% to 46%
  3. Putting this seat on the radar for Democrats
  4. Forcing Orange County taxpayers to pay for, and endure, a 3rd election in 3 months
  5. Keeping the slim House Republican majority one vote slimmer
  6. Wasting hundreds of thousands of Republican dollars by forcing a run-off, not to mention, the money they wasted leading up to Tuesday
  7. Giving John & Ken a forum (and candidate) to continue to beat the hell out of the GOP

Thanks guys!