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Jon Fleischman


I have no idea whether this fellow, Pierre Richard Prosper, is even really looking at running for State Attorney General.  It was reported yesterday in the San Francisco Chronicle that he is considering a run.  But that hasn’t stopped Chairman of the state’s preeminent conservative youth organization, Young Americans for Freedom, from sending out an e-mail firing a ‘warning shot’ across the bow — conservatives are pleased with Poochigian as a candidate.  You can read Powers’ letter below.

200 AT $100,000+
That’s how many staff members of the California legislature are making six digit salaries according to today’s issue of Capitol Weekly magazine.  CW publishes on Thursday’s, and they make a lot of their content available online.  You should check them out – I link to many of their news stories and columns each week (check out the news links today).  I will disclose my conflict – I write columns frequently for CW – look for my piece next week on a bad piece of legislation, authored by a REPUBLICAN that flew through the legislature — but fortunately was ‘terminated’ by the Governor.

I have received a LOT of emails from folks around the state, quite upset over Maria’s Shriver’s choice of a former senior staff member of Gray Davis as HER Chief of Staff.  Well, I would just remind everybody that Maria Shriver IS a DEMOCRAT.  Ironically, Daniel Zingale will probably have more of an opportunity to DO something under this adminstration than he ever did under the Davis administration – where the micromanagerial former Governor seemed to bring state government to a halt with his need to personally be involved with every major decision.  Where is Gray Davis these days?  I don’t know, but I have heard of three ‘airport sighting’ in the last few months.  He’s a novelty now — ‘Hey, aren’t you the guy who got run over by Arnold Schwarzenegger?"

No, they aren’t a couple.  But they have penned a couple of great columns today.  Debra, in her regular San Francisco Chronicle column, really takes Mayor Gavin Newsom to task for his hair-brained idea of having the city government pay for wireless internet service citywide.  Shawn has  column in the Washington Times today with his overview of the coming Special Election and its significance!

Take care and keep sending me your intel.