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Jon Fleischman


The top story in the FlashReport news link section today is from the San Francisco Chronicle, and is a must read.  Pierre Richard Prosper, who is a Bush Administration war crimes investigator, hails out of Oakland, is black, and is ‘presumably moderate’ according to the story.  He has praises heaped on him in the story from former State GOP Vice Chairman Mario Rodriguez, and from former Ambassador to Spain Billionairre George Argyros.  Of course, up to this point (and still, since this is just speculation) the field has been clear for GOP State Senator Chuck Poochigian of Fresno.  Poochigian is very popular with the GOP and has raised a lot of money (over $2 mil) so far.  Of course, on the Dem side, the battle royale is between former Governor Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown (now Mayor of Oakland) and Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo.

Analysis for now:  Unless he ducks out quickly, look for Prosper to understand exactly NOT FUN it is to be in the crosshairs of strategist par-excellance Ken Khachigian, who is Poochigians top dog.  It won’t be pretty.  But, we may have to wait for this show — Khachigian will wait to see if what Prosper is up to, and he’ll be on the phone with Pooch: "Ignore this guy for now, focus on the general…"  Good luck guys…

My State Senator, John Campbell, is going to be my Congressman.  Just not yet.  So many people wanted him to win the primary outright (the rules say that if you get a majority of votes cast in the ‘open’ special primary, you immediately assume office), that it is taking a little wind out of the win.  Well, I disagree with that — A WIN IS A WIN.  Congratulations, John!  Also a big shout out goes to Campbell’s consultant and FR friend Dave Gilliard and to Campbell’s top operative on the ground-game, Jim Terry.

Analysis for December:  This will be a sleeper.  Minuteman leader Jim Gilchrist will be on the ballot as the American Independent party nominee, but his lackluster performance yesterday has relegated him to a direct-mail fundraising money-maker for someone back east.  SLAM DUNK FOR CAMPBELL.

**There is cutting-edge analysis on this race from FR Beltway Correspondent Jason Roe in the blog – to read it click here.

Have a great day, and if you have any ‘word on the street’ — send it my way!