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Jon Fleischman

Today’s Commentary: Sunday-in-Review

I was expecting a quiet Sunday as I spent time this morning surfing over fifty websites compiling the main page.  Not so much.  There’s a lot going on out in news-land today.  Lots of great reading for those who like to do that with their Sunday.
Let’s start first with recommending four great columns for you to read:  Congressman Richard Pombo penned a piece for the Contra Costa Times on why the Endangered Species Act needs a serious facelift.  This is accompanied on the main page by an article from the Sacramento Bee on this same subject.  Also featured, from the Bee, are a pair of articles from the ‘dynamic duo’ of Walters and Weintraub.  Both pieces take a really hard look at Governor Schwarzenegger and the kind of Governor into which he has evolved.  I think you will enjoy them both.  Finally, LA Weekly columnist (and prolific writer) Bill Bradley has a piece on his site today that illustrates a big challenge for Phil Angelides — if you want to raise taxes on everyone, eventually you need to get into specifics – or do you?
On the ‘hard news’ side of things — the top story today is an alarming story about how a look beneath the surface of the Levee Repair Bond that will be on the November ballot shows that there really are not a lot of specifics on how the BILLIONS of dollars borrowed will be spent – a lot of latitude is left to the State Legislature.  Um, NO THANK YOU.  If you will all recall, there was a tremendous rush to clear these bond measures out the legislatures, largely over the strenuous concern of GOP legislators.  Approving massive borrowing to put more money into the hands of the State Legislature would be a travesty.  If these measures aren’t specific enough to take the spending of this bond money out of the hands of the liberals who control state spending priorities — then join with me in voting against them.
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