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Jon Fleischman

Random Thoughts for a Sunday

Tomorrow the State Legislature will reconvene.  Despite the fact that California has a massive mega-billion dollar operating deficit, Democrats will once again start to introduce more bills to spend even more money.  There must be a ten-step program for their addiction to spending other people’s money.

Less people participate in the obscure Iowa Caucus system than vote in many individual California counties.  It’s clear that our Presidential nomination process is flawed when so much attention is paid to so few voters.  Although this Iowa-thing probably is great for the obscure and heavily taxpayer subsidized ethanol industry.  

After all is said and done, it looks like John McCain’s chances of pulling off an upset to get the GOP nomination will be cooked if he cannot pull off a win in New Hampshire’s primary next week.  Too bad the McCain-Feingold legislation is making it so hard for him to raise money.  There’s some irony there.

Speaking of the New Hampshire primary.  It turns out that it falls on the same day (this Tuesday) that Governor Schwarzenegger is scheduled to give his State of the State Address.  Historically, Governor’s give this address at 5 p.m., which happens to be when the polls close in the Granite State (8 p.m. EST).  Rumor has it that the Governor waited to see if the New Hampshire Secretary of State would extend polling so as to not take away Schwarzenegger’s press coverage.  I guess that didn’t work out, as the Governor has now rescheduled his speech for 3:30pm.

California’s “favorite son” Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter officially has one delegate to the Republican National Convention – out of Wyoming.  I suppose it takes two to nominate and second the nomination of a candidate.  

On Friday, the State Capitol shut down early because of all of the rain.  Perhaps it would be worthwhile to hire someone to seed the clouds above Sacramento on days when they are voting on their bills to spend more money.

Hillary Clinton came in third in the Iowa Caucuses.  It’s not hard to figure out why.  Note to Hillary – having the Mayor of the liberal commune known as San Francisco stump for you in the middle of the “Bible Belt” was probably NOT the smartest idea.

Probably due to the writer’s strike, Oprah and Montel have reruns showing at the time of the Governor’s speech.  Perhaps that means Garry South and Jim Brulte will go to the speech instead of watching their favorite television programs.

ABC is apparently not too impressed with Hunter’s one delegate.  They unceremoniously dumped the former Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee from their post-Iowa GOP candidate debate.   Duncan Hunter wished that McCain-Feingold was an impediment to his fundraising…

McCain’s fundraising conundrum’s irony is even greater when you consider that he is locked in a battle for New Hampshire with Mitt Romney, a very successful businessman worth hundreds of millions of dollars.  This is ironic because McCain-Feingold ties the hands of its author, but Romney’s right to spend unlimited amounts of his own money is guaranteed by the constitution.

Perhaps Congressman Hunter’s final campaign strategy will be to compete for the three delegates to the GOP Convention who will be selected in California’s 52nd Congressional District – which he has represented for the better part of three decades.  This might help him garner the needed delegates to have his name placed into nomination.  It might also boost the name ID of his son, also Duncan, who is running for dad’s House seat.

If he hasn’t done so already, the Governor should go ahead and throw a bone to some of Jay Leno’s writers and hire them to help with his State of the State address.  I’m sure they can come up for a laugh line associated with the part of the speech where the Governor says we need to cut spending, at the same time that he proposes billions in new spending.