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Romney in the Hunt

New Hampshire is a cool 39 degrees and politics is in the air. I came here to observe the first in the nation Primary and support my candidate–Mitt Romney. With me here at the Romney HQ are dozens of California major donors and politicos.

Watching the results with me are former Assemblyman Tony Strickland, OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh, private equity guru John Clarey and insurance executive John Carvelli.

It looks like Mitt is the only constant in the race for president. Taking silver twice in a row.

While the media wants to anoint the nominees, this race is wide open still.

On the car ride into NH from Boston we talked politics with our driver. Everyone here follows politics here, at least every four years they do.

Having known Governor Romney for four years, I have seen him in action and have studied his background. I am hoping our campaign and the media better communicate that Mitt Romney is the greatest agent of change in the race for president – running from either party.

Tomorrow we get on the phones and raise money.

2 Responses to “Romney in the Hunt”

  1. Says:

    Taking silver twice?

    I am sorry, this is race for the GOP Presidential Nomination and not an olympic sport, so leave the medals to the athletes.

    I thought that Romney HAD to win both Iowa and New Hampshire to keep the campaign alive! I am confused on the strategy from the Ronmey campaign.

    The race on both sides is WIDE open, so fasten your seat belts we are all in a WILD RIDE.

  2. Says:

    That’s nice spin Adam, but what happened to Gov. Romney’s plan of winning Iowa and and NH? The plan has been a failure. I’m wondering how that sales pitch is going to sound after losing two primaries in a row. Good luck to all you guys tomorrow dialing for dollars.

    Face it, the GOP nomination isn’t going to be settled until all the smoke clears from the backrooms in Minneapolis this fall.